Microsoft powers Reachwell Software to help customers with Asset Management


Reachwell Software has launched an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution which leverages Microsoft’s Technologies, to help businesses manage their IT and Non-IT assets (e.g., software, hardware, furniture, plant & machinery, vehicles, land and buildings, etc).

The EAM solution from Reachwell has been designed to help organizations gain visibility of their assets at all times; track when, how and from where they were purchased, where they are physically located and who is using them. The solution covers the Asset Lifecycle and includes management of asset inventory with procurement, fixed asset register, depreciation, contracts, maintenance, work order, property, space and helpdesk with built-in features for generating Barcode / RFID.

Gouri Shankar, Director, Reachwell Software Services, said, “Reachwell Asset Management solution is useful for diverse industry verticals, especially BFSI, IT, ITeS, Manufacturing, Hospitals, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Defense and Education. These sectors have a range of assets that are not just mobile in nature but also need to be tracked with precision about the state of their usability.  Microsoft Azure integrates well with existing IT infrastructure across organizations and allows us to provide our services practically across the entire industry.”

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