Symantec’s New Cloud Offering will imbibe confidence in CIOs


Symantec’s newly announced Data Loss Prevention 14 will give CIOs greater confidence that employees can take advantage of storing information in the cloud without worrying about data loss or theft.

“Symantec Data Loss Prevention is a content-aware security technology that helps companies understand where their sensitive corporate information is being stored, how it is being used and how to protect it against loss and theft,” said Amit Jasuja, Sr Vice-President, Product Development, Symantec. “With the latest release, we are extending DLP to cloud email and storage to provide our customers the control and visibility they need to secure their sensitive information as they take full advantage of the cloud. We have also announced a new, robust integration with Box, as it is one of the top requests we have seen from our DLP customers.”

Symantec DLP 14 now supports Microsoft Office 365 for companies which are using it for cloud-based email. For current Symantec DLP customers, this means they can now apply the same information protection policies they use on-prem in the cloud.
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