Global Infonet Bets High on India Market, projects a growth of 27%

2014 has been a Prashant Prakash CEO Global Infonet Pvt Ltd 300x300 Global Infonet Bets High on India Market, projects a growth of 27%good year for the Global Group, the Parent company of Global Infonet. Having grown 25% YoY, the Group last year has had a turnover of $ 1.15 billion. It has also made major investments worldwide; the most significant however will be its acquisition of a German brand I-onik that has a line-up of smartphone and tablet products.

However, what is of interests is that the growth that Global is projecting is expected to come from India and Latin American markets in times to come. And this is evident very much when we talk of India – from 27 branches in 2013, Global has added 7 more branches making it 34 branches, added 10 new brands to its list of principals and most importantly grown its revenue from 1100 crore to 1230 crore. The youngest of all the top 10 Distributors in India, India contributed 21% to the overall revenue of the group in 2014, which is expected to go upto 27% this year.

As far as the India market is concerned, it is going to be a big bet for Global Infonet. To start with, Global is looking at a 360o distribution for both IT & Mobility, which will range from Consumer Electronics, e-retail, Corporate Sales to modern trade and Telecom. Having emerged as a leading player in distribution, the company is now looking at consolidating these areas by focussing more on the business, adding more products to their product line, adding value to every stage right from the supplier to the consumer. “Partners will start looking at us more as a VAD in this business.  Not only this, we are also going to value add for manufacturers in terms of pricing management, order management, organized trade and so on,” asserts Prashant Prakash, CEO – Global Infonet Pvt. Ltd.

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