Big Data strategy benefits 90% organizations despite challenges-CA Technologies


As per CA Technologies’ global study, Enterprise Big Data strategies are delivering key benefits to organizations despite noted challenges in implementation. Most notably, nine out of 10 organizations are experiencing or anticipate seeing, more effective targeted marketing and selling campaigns. Additionally, 88 per cent see or anticipate increased revenue. These benefits are impressive despite 92 per cent of respondents citing obstacles to their Big Data projects.

The study, titled The State of Big Data Infrastructure: Benchmarking Global Big Data Users to Drive Future Performance, revealed the top five major obstacles to overcome for successful big data project implementation. These include: insufficient existing infrastructure (32 per cent), organizational complexity (27 per cent), security/compliance concerns (26 per cent), lack of budget/resources (25 per cent), and a lack of visibility into information and processes (25 per cent).

ca technologies logo e1425889028205 Big Data strategy benefits 90% organizations despite challenges CA TechnologiesYet, the benefits clearly outweigh the obstacles as 84 per cent of large organizations have already, or plan to, implement a Big Data project within the next year. Managers cite improving customer experience (60 per cent), acquiring customers (54 per cent) and keeping up with competition (41 per cent) as critical business factors and major drivers for deploying Big Data projects.
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