Cisco announces its investment plans in India


As a part of its commitment to help India become a world leader in manufacturing and further fuelling the country’s digital transformation, Cisco has announced new investments in the country. Aligned with Cisco’s strategy to invest in emerging countries, Cisco has announced new local strategic initiatives, including the move to enable manufacturing in India to support the Digital India vision. As India plays a pivotal role in the company’s overall growth, innovation and talent strategy, the company has announced plans for direct and indirect investment of up to US$20 million over the next five years into the Cisco Networking Academy, with an additional US$40 million for the next phase of expansion in India.

John Chambers, Chairman and CEO said, “We are investing big in India. We came to India for the quality of the workforce. We invested in innovation, which is now transforming industries. Cisco is committed to partnering with India’s government to translate the Digital India vision into reality. I believe that India’s entrepreneurial spirit, highly skilled workforce and supportive government will accelerate the country’s digital transformation.”
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