LG debuts G4 in Indian Market


LG Electronics has rolled out Leather and DSLR feature-packed smartphone, the LG G4, in India. Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan unveiled the LG G4.

On the occasion, Soon Kwon, Managing Director, LG India, said, “We are really proud to bring the LG G4 to India. With this smartphone, we are living up to our promise of Innovation for a Better Life. This is a fashionable, premium smartphone that is more focussed on delivering a balanced user experience. With the G4, we are giving users a truly human-centric device that combines the analog sensibilities with technologies that deliver real-world performance. The G4 is by far the most ambitious phone from LG.”

LG has designed the 16MP camera in the LG G4 to capture beautiful images, even under less than ideal lighting conditions.
With the G4, LG is focussing on delivering a great photography and visual experience, comfortable elegance and a human-centric user experience. Its camera features a rare-in-smartphones F1.8 aperture lens which allows 80-per cent more light to hit the image sensor than in the LG G3. The innovative camera module is paired with the new IPS Quantum Display

Available only on G4, Manual Mode allows photographers the ability to exercise more artistic expression by letting them directly control the focus, shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation and white balance for every shot. Advanced photographers can also save their photos in RAW format, in addition to JPEG, for more precise editing with no loss of details. It is complemented by Color Spectrum Sensor (CSS)… See more


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