SAP launches study to mature cloud strategy


SAP SE has started the CloudView survey and business value practice study developed by IDC, which shows how companies may be falling short in their cloud transformation journey. The study identifies key strategic issues and business processes to address the gaps.

Robert Mahowald, Program Vice-President, SaaS and Cloud Services, IDC, said, “Customers have found that they have managed the first phase of moving into the cloud – they have educated themselves and sourced new capabilities necessary to begin the journey. The stumbling blocks are now at the managed and optimized level, with skill sets required that will allow the organization to focus on strategy versus day-to-day operations in faster time to provision new services, in reduced IT costs and perhaps, most importantly, in the ability to make more revenue.”

sap logo e1432887282103 SAP launches study to mature cloud strategyThe IDC study finds that many companies are naïve about how mature their cloud strategy really is. Implementing measures for collaborative business and IT governance, establishing consistent processes to identify which applications can best benefit from cloud and targeted education and training will help close these gaps. The study further finds that a cloud strategy is considered mature, while a consistent enterprise-wide approach to cloud is driving business innovation, and also specifically when the lines of business are involved upfront in the process… See more


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