India telecom industry may come up with new spectrum bands in Vision 2025


The GSM Association is all set to build a case for four new spectrum bands as part of its 2025 vision in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) forum.
Geneva-based ITU, which deals with spectrum management issues globally, is a multinational collective effort between governments and private companies to recommend new technologies and standards. At the ITU’s World Radio Communication Conference, the GSM Association is presenting a case for new bands that include sub-700 MHz frequencies (470-694MHz), L-Band (1350-1400MHz & 1427-1518MHz), 2.7-2.9 GHz band and the C-Band (3.4-4.2GHz).

The sub-700 MHz band is mainly used for traditional free-to-air broadcast delivery, and the “L band” is delivered widespread mobile broadband services and currently supporting aeronautical telemetry as well as military and civilian radar systems. For civil and military radars located at airports, the 2.7-2.9 GHz band being used. Using for fixed-satellite services (FSS), the “C band” can deliver superfast mobile broadband services across hotspots like coffee shops and railway stations where mobile networks are choking amid surging data consumption… See more


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