Dimension Data set to deliver Big Data Analytics & Digital Delivery for Tour de France


Dimension Data has completed its big data analytics and digital delivery platform from which the company will deliver real-time information on individual riders for the first time in the history of professional cycling.

This major innovation was made possible by Amaury Sport Organization (ASO) in partnership with the 22 teams participating in the 2015 Tour de France. Highly accurate data will be collected through the use of live trackers under the saddle of each rider. Dimension Data will then process and analyze the data, and make it available to cycling fans, commentators, broadcasters and the media.
When the Tour de France begins on Saturday, the viewing public around the world will be able to follow all 198 riders in 22 teams real-time, and be able to track the speed at which each cyclist is riding, exactly where he’s positioned in the race in relation to other cyclists, and the distance between each rider – all via a beta live tracking website.

Dimension Data’s Executive Chairman, Jeremy Ord, said, “The technology will allow cycling fans to follow the race in ways they have never been able to before. Until now, it was difficult to understand what was happening outside of what could be shown on the live television coverage. The ability to follow riders, get accurate information about which riders are in a group, and see real-time speed are just some of the innovations that will be realized through this solution.  During the duration of the three-week race, we will be rolling out a range of new capabilities, including a beta live tracking website.” See more 


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