Reliance Group plans an Investment of Rs.10,000 Crore across Digital, Cloud and Telecom Space


Reliance Group has announced an investment of Rs.10,000 crore to fund transformational initiatives across the Digital, Cloud and Telecom space.

“Digital India’s success depends on the availability of unlimited cloud computing power. We will achieve full deployment of Next-Generation content and Cloud Delivery Network by the end of this year, with – what is a first for India – 5 fully operational Cloud Xchange points,” said Anil Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Group.

The Xchange nodes can help government departments access 240 times the amount of computing power currently available in government data centers, and over 6 times the high- speed storage currently available in India. This will enable network to scale up 100% every 90 days as Digital India initiative gathers momentum.
Reliance Group is also India’s largest provider of data center facilities, with a total capacity of over 6,00,000 sq. ft. The Group is also planning to double Data Center capacity to 1.2 million sq. ft. in the next few years.

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