Radware to use New Fingerprinting Technology to enhance security


Radware has announced enhanced protection from threats posed by advanced bots through its Attack Mitigation System. This enhancement will enable Radware in helping its customers track end user devices without the need for Internet Protocol (IP) address. Fingerprinting technology is used to precisely identify application users or website visitors who have a history of malicious behaviour, and are often part of a botnet.

RAH Infotech, the distributor of Radware products in India, adds value to its partners and resellers by distributing the entire product line of Radware which helps the customers through Load Balancing and ADoS (Advanced Denial of Service) & DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection.

Ashok Kumar, MD and CEO, RAH Infotech said, “Bots generally plague businesses that conduct a high volume by exhausting application resources, scraping sensitive information from websites illegitimately and seeking vulnerabilities through application logic abuse. In order to protect applications from advanced bots or even collective human threats, website operators need more advanced user identification that can detect and block illegitimate users.” See more 


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