SalezShark launched to harness power of customer intelligence


Salezshark, a customer relationship management platform based on Relationship Cloud has been launched. SalezShark is the next-generation platform for sales and marketing that harnesses the power of customer intelligence and provides a 360-degree view of customers to drive better engagement and strengthen professional relationships that ultimately lead to exponential sales.

salezshark logo SalezShark launched to harness power of customer intelligenceAjay Chauhan, Co-Founder, SalezShark, commented, “In the era of customer centricity, it is all about creating superior customer experience and better engagement. Traditional CRMs handle sales automation but do little to facilitate better relationships. SalezShark is born to address this void with its Relationship Cloud via Personalization, Contextual Intelligence and Customer 360 along with sales and marketing automation that makes it a complete solution to strengthen business relationships and perform better sales. We are excited to announce the launch and really looking forward to disrupt the traditional CRM space.” See more


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