Zebronics launches 5.1 speakers ZEB-BT6790RUCF


Zebronics India has updated its Sound Monster range of 5.1 Speakers with ZEB-BT6790RUCF. Enjoying a superb sounding audiophile-grade surround experience with Monster sound, the 5.1 speakers promises to immerse your senses both visually and sonically at an affordable price.

Commenting on the launch of the 5.1 Speakers, Pradeep Doshi, Director, Zebronics, says,

ZEB BT6790RUCF speakers Zebronics launches 5.1 speakers ZEB BT6790RUCF“The ZEB-BT6790RUCF is designed to outperform anything in the class of compact 5.1 speakers, producing sharp, crisp sound with monstrous bass effects. The exceptional surround sound in its true Zebronics Sound Monster style brings in the cinematic surround sound at a very pocket friendly price.”

Priced at Rs.3,299/-, ZEB–BT6790RUCF is the perfect blend of technological prowess and style offering true home theatre surround sound experience… See more


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