F-Secure and Mad Croc bring Freedome to Mobile Gamers


F-Secure and Mad Croc are working together to bring F-Secure’s Freedome VPN to mobile gaming fans. Mad Croc, a pioneer in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, is launching a new game in order to grab the attention of the mobile generation, and they’ve integrated Freedome to highlight the importance of online privacy.

The new Mad Croc Game lets players assume the role of a Mad Croc crocodile navigating through treacherous waters. The crocodile progresses through the game by successfully swimming up different rivers while avoiding obstacles. The croc can also collect gold and bonus items, and players can use the gold to buy add-ons from the Croc store, such as extra stamina or other power-ups.

F secure logo 150×150 F Secure and Mad Croc bring Freedome to Mobile GamersFreedome images are included prominently in each of the game’s levels, but the popular privacy and security app can also be used to give players an extra power boost. Players that download Freedome for their iOS or Android device will receive a free in-game armor upgrade, making both their in-game croc and their mobile device more secure. Downloading Freedome through the game will also allow players that haven’t already installed Freedome to get an extended 3-month free trial for the VPN…Read more


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