Kerala to bridge Digital Divide with “Vision 2020″


To make Kerala a “Digitally Empowered” society, the state government of Kerala has now set in motion an ambitious policy framework that aims to bridge the digital divide by 2020 and make it the country’s first “digitally literate” state.

The key objectives of “Bridging the Digital Divide – Vision 2020” include transforming Kerala into a digital knowledge society to achieve sustainable economic growth, making accessible the digital infrastructure to all at affordable cost, attracting more investments and promoting IT exports of the state. Another major objective of Vision 2020 is to ensure that the various e-services offered by the government are availed by the people and achieve social harmony and high quality of life for all, with inclusion of disadvantaged sections of society.
“Vision 2020 has the potential to ensure wilful participation of all sections of the society which, in turn, would prevent the less-privileged from getting marginalized. It is also aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and generating more employment opportunities for the youth,” points out P. K. Kunhalikutty, Hon’ble Minister for Industries and IT…Read more


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