Intel Security helps Wipro to enhance its endpoint protection

Jagdish-Mahapatra-MD-intel-security-300x300Wipro has deployed the Security Connected framework of Intel Security to enhance endpoiJagdish Mahapatra MD intel security 300×300 Intel Security helps Wipro to enhance its endpoint protectionnt protection for its global enterprise network. This deployment will help Wipro achieve its mission of a “Near-Zero Malware” IT environment within the next few quarters.

Wipro has an employee strength of over 150,000 spread across six continents. As users are highly mobile and connected directly to the internet, most of the endpoint devices are outside Wipro’s enterprise perimeter. Therefore, the company felt the need to enhance the security protection at endpoints while ensuring a good user experience. The aim was also to provide IT with a single management dashboard. To achieve this, Wipro deployed Intel Security’s Endpoint Protection-Advanced Suite (EPA) across 125,000 nodes. After deploying EPA, the average number of malware infections Wipro had to manage fell dramatically-from 300 to just 20 per day and more than 95% …Read more


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