EMC Federation comes up with new, enhanced Solutions and Partner program

Jeremy-Burton-President-Products-and-Marketing-emc-300x300The EMC2 Federation has previewed updates to the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution at VMworld and announced a new Federation End-User Computing solution. With integrated hardware, software and services from EMC Information Infrastructure (EMC II), VMware and VCE, the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution unites the strengths of private and public cloud and drives business agility by self-service provisioning of applications and resources to policy-driven service levels. Customers of the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud are gaining efficiencies in traditional IT functions and workflows, with some projecting more than $50 million in IT savings over five years.

With the new Federation End-User Computing solution, customers benefit from an integrated, validated solution aimed at driving the complexity out of deploying and maintaining Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is a one-of-a-kind engineered solution, which can be deployed in as little as 28 days. It is designed to help organizations drive agility into traditional IT processes and workflows, while significantly reducing risk and lowering the cost to run IT…Read more


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