RAMP from Ricoh to increase manufacturing productivity

Manoj-Kumar-MD-CEO-Ricoh-India-300x300Ricoh has announced the launch of fully automated real-time shop-floor productivity tracking and monitoring solution “RAMP”. The new solution from Ricoh will transform the shop floor/factory transaction reporting and will enable manufacturing companies achieve higher productivity by connecting shop floor to the top floor through real-time monitoring and reporting of machine performance, productivity, downtimes, production output, etc.

The solution will bring a lot of relief to the manufacturing sector in India, where the most crucial part, i.e. the shop floor is still isolated from the rest of the IT network in the organization. Due to this, the most crucial shop floor data on production quantity and man-machine utilization, etc is manually collected and compiled, that is made available the next day, and is often inaccurate or doctored, resulting in poor decision-making…Read more


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