Prime Minister Narendra Modi zooms by 15 Million Followers on Twitter

narendra-modi-prime-minister-of-indiaMaintaining his image of a People’s leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) has used Twitter’s platform for live, public conversations to effectively reach out to his audience in India and worldwide, including world leaders, corporate honchos, political colleagues and Indian citizens. He zoomed by the 15-million follower milestone on Twitter just days after his 65th birthday celebrations, a testimony to his strong engagement on the platform. PM Modi is known as India’s first and most digital-savvy leader, using Twitter to enhance digital diplomacy and digital governance in his administration.

PM Modi has lit up Twitter with engaging milestones and moments. Since he was sworn in as Prime Minister last May 26, 2014, Modi has added 10.8 million followers, more than doubling his follower base before he won the Lok Sabha election…Read more


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