Bhubaneswar tops the list for Smart City Mission

bbsr-smart-city-300x300The list of 20 smart cities out of the 98 shortlisted for the ‘Smart Cities Mission’ was released today afternoon. These 20 cities will be the first to receive funds, thus kick-starting the process of developing them into ‘smart cities’. Shortlisting of the smart cities is a culmination of intense efforts from the government and multiple stakeholders. It is heartening to note that Bhubaneswar’s smart city proposal has been shortlisted in the first 20 list of cities to be funded.  Today, VARINDIA is organizing its first event on “Readiness of Bhubaneswar to be a Smart City” happening in Bhubaneswar to celebrate, it is a matter of respect. Bhubaneswar topped the list, followed by cities like Pune, Jaipur and so on…Show full article


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