Wipro acquires HealthPlan Services for $460 Million

wipro-logo-nWipro Limited has acquired Wipro HealthPlan Services, one of the leading technology and Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaas) provider in the U.S. health insurance market. As part of the deal, Wipro will acquire 100% of HealthPlan Services’ shares for US$460 million.

“The partnership with HealthPlan Services positions Wipro to participate in the shift of the US health insurance industry towards a consumer-centric business model.  HealthPlan Services strengthens Wipro’s position in the health insurance exchange market while offering synergies with Wipro’s presence in the Managed Medicare and Commercial Group Insurance markets. The addition of HealthPlan Services’ capabilities complements Wipro’s strengths in claims processing and backoffice services. This is a strategic move for us, as it advances Wipro’s vision of leveraging unique insights into customer buying behaviour and applying this across the healthcare value chain.  This will help us lower the cost of healthcare and transform the quality of the member experience,” said Jeffrey Heenan Jalil, Sr Vice-President & Head – Healthcare Life Sciences and Services, Wipro Limited…Show full article


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