SanDisk extends its storage portfolio with InfiniFlash IF150

sandisk-infiniflash-if150-systemSanDisk has extended its InfiniFlash family with an upgraded all-flash storage platform InfiniFlash IF150 system, which is transforming data centers around the world. The new IF150 brings twice the performance via upgraded 12Gbps SAS connectivity, and the same massive capacity to big data and hyperscale workloads as the previous generation of InfiniFlash.

“Since its launch, the game-changing performance and economic benefits of the InfiniFlash System have been recognized by customers – from data centers in research institutions doing big data analytics to web providers, hyperscalers and video streaming companies who manage data on a massive scale, and more. With our new IF150 system, we have pushed the performance even further, while at the same time delivering massive-scale storage at a price point that makes business sense,” said Ravi Swaminathan, Vice-President & General Manager of Systems and Software Solutions, SanDisk...Read more


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