Cloudera gathers momentum in financial sector through Digital Transformation

clouderaCloudera brings various value-added services (VAS) for four key important sectors that include financial, telecom, health and cybersecurity. By seeing the growing concern on the cybersecurity across the globe, Cloudera works with more than 180 leading global financial organizations, including Allstate, Bank of Mandiri, DBS Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Credit Suisse to realize business value in the areas like customer Insights, Fraud Detection, Cybersecurity, Risk and Compliance.

In an exclusive interaction with VARINDIA, Amr Awadllah, Founder, CTO, Cloudera, said that financial institutions have many challenges to overcome as they move to embrace digital transformation, including customer journeys, fragmentation, security, privacy and data quality. Cloudera brings its enterprise data hub from financial firms that need to address these complex business challenges and enable faster and more accurate analysis while adhering to regulations and requisite security and governance practices…Read More



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