Ricoh brings printing as a service platform

ricoh-brings-printing-as-a-service-platformRicoh has introduced a Printer-as-a-Service platform (PaaS). The lineup consists of two models – SP 313 SFNW_V, Printer, Copier, Scanner & Fax and SP 313DNW_V, Printer.

The PaaS platform developed exclusively ensures the machine uptime is maximized through real-time monitoring of machine status and proactively taking care of maintenance requirements.

Through this platform, one can pay a fixed cost per print irrespective of coverage area, bringing in predictability in print costs and ensuring complete transparency in usage.

PaaS printers come with genuine high-capacity toner cartridges that need to be replaced less frequently than ordinary cartridges. In addition, they are equipped with M2M (Machine- to-machine communication), which communicates with the Ricoh PaaS Platform to inform when the toner is about to run out, ensuring delivery of a new toner cartridge before the current one runs out, ensuring effective toner….Read More 



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