TeamIndus Foundation invites college students as campus ambassadors

TeamIndus Foundation for Excellence is inviting bright college students to be a part of the TeamIndus Moon Mission as Campus Ambassadors, to take the learning and inspiration of India’s first private space mission to campuses.

TeamIndus is India’s only entry in the Google Lunar XPRIZE, a competition which requires private teams to soft-land on the Moon, move 500 metres and send images back to earth.

Sheelika Ravishankar, Lead – Marketing Strategy and Outreach, TeamIndus said, “We want this moon mission to be inspiring for every single Indian, particularly the next generation of creators and scientists. Being part of a space mission is something that stays with you and can inspire even higher career trajectories in STEM. Campus Ambassadors is a unique opportunity to be part of a proud and historic legacy of work that will inspire future generations.”

TeamIndus Foundation is inviting applications from campus leaders in colleges. Students with a passion for space and an interest in building a community of enthusiasts will be tasked with networking within and outside their campuses to become TeamIndus Moon Mission and TeamIndus Foundation torchbearers. They will be a crucial component in TeamIndus’ attempt at inspiring the next billion to take up careers in science and space…Read More


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