HPE provides new computing experience

HPE provides new computing experienceHewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) has announced a generation of High Performance Computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) systems, software and services to accelerate scientific, engineering and business innovation. The HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10, HPE SGI 8600 and HPE Apollo 10 Series systems are workload-optimized to deliver faster, more efficient insights while reducing vulnerability to cyber-attacks and improving economic control.

HPE is announcing the following:

HPE SGI 8600 System – The HPE SGI 8600 is a liquid cooled petascale system, based on the legacy SGI ICE XA architecture, purpose-built to solve the most complex scientific, engineering and national security challenges and:

* Delivers industry’s fastest parallel processing performance

* Scales to more than 10,000 nodes without additional switches using integrated switches and hypercube technology

* Offers more choice and flexibility based on industry standards

HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10 System –The HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10 is the most secure HPC system in the world leveraging a unique “silicon root of trust” technology for security threat protection. Key new capabilities of this system include:

* Industry leading reliability, accessibility, serviceability and manageability

* Greater application licensing efficiency

* Reduced latency and higher IOPs performance

* Reduced power consumption and cooling requirements

See more at: http://www.varindia.com/news/hpe-provides-new-computing-experience


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