Month: September 2018

Alibaba A.I. Labs unveils Hospitality Robot

Alibaba A.I. Labs unveils Hospitality RobotAlibaba A.I. Labs is raising the stakes in the cutting-edge industry with the announcement of launching service robots for the hospitality sector starting in October. The news was made at The Computing Conference 2018, which is scheduled for four days till September 22 in Hangzhou, China, the site of Alibaba’s headquarters.

Alibaba A.I. Labs is the department leading consumer AI product development at Alibaba.

Hotels have until now depended entirely on human labour. But the Labs’ service robot – from delivering meals to taking laundry to guests – demonstrates what guests can expect at hotels in the future. Guests talk to the robot via voice command, touch and hand gesture, and its responses are driven by AliGenie, the software that powers Alibaba A.I. Labs’ smart speaker, Tmall Genie.

Lijuan Chen, General Manager of Alibaba A.I. Labs, says, “We are excited by this tremendous development that is helping us bridge the gap between guest needs and the response time that they expect. Alibaba A.I. Labs’ robot is the next step in the evolution towards smart hotels. In addition, it is solving pain points in the hotel sector, such as enhancing service efficiency, with our leading AI technologies. The robot will be the ultimate assistant for hotel guests who want everything quickly and conveniently at their fingertips.”….

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Alibaba drafts roadmap for research in frontier technology

Alibaba drafts roadmap for research in frontier technologyAlibaba Group Holding has laid out its development roadmap for frontier technologies, including quantum computing and AI chips, on the opening day of the Cloud Computing Conference 2018. The conference, which is being attended by technology leaders, experts and industry luminaries, is scheduled for four days through September 22 at Alibaba’s home base of Hangzhou.

Alibaba DAMO Academy, a global initiative by Alibaba to lead technology and science research, has unveiled plans to develop disruptive technologies over the next five years. The technologies are developed to support the firm’s rapidly growing cloud and IoT businesses, as well as to explore new commercial applications in various industries – from logistics, materials to pharmaceuticals – that require greater computing power to achieve technology breakthrough –

· Quantum Computing: The Academy has embarked on developing its own quantum processors. The Hangzhou-based quantum hardware team is developing high-precision, multiple-qubit superconducting quantum processors. In the meantime, the Academy will continue its efforts in driving quantum development. This includes building cloud-accessed, quantum-classical heterogenous systems for delivering quantum computing power as a utility, and searching for super-fast quantum-classical hybrid algorithms to solve fundamental problems in machine learning, optimization, and physics simulations. The expansion to hardware reflects the Academy’s conviction that the co-development of hardware and application will expedite the realization of quantum computing’s revolutionary potentials.

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Odhisa Police warns about Olivia Hoax

Odhisa Police warns about Olivia HoaxAfter ‘Momo Challenge’, a new cyber threat has risen. The Odisha Crime Branch has issued an advisory against Olivia Hoax, a WhatsApp scam that has been targeting children worldwide through the app. The messenger, claiming to be Olivia, begins conversation with kids, pretending to be a friend they know, but soon starts sending links that direct them to porn sites.

The Crime Branch of the Odisha police took to Twitter to warn users about the Olivia hoax. Citizens have been advised not to click on links from unknown senders. Parents have also been advised to keep a strict check on their children’s activities on the internet. Additionally, police have also advised citizens to not engage with unknown numbers on WhatsApp.

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Infosys to acquire Fluido

Infosys to acquire FluidoInfosys has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Fluido, the leading Salesforce advisor and consulting partner in Nordics, implementation and training services. Executing on its strategy to help clients navigate the next in their digital transformation journey, this acquisition strengthens Infosys’ position as a leading Salesforce enterprise cloud services provider, and enhances its ability to provide clients an unparalleled cloud-first transformation. The acquisition of Fluido is expected to close during the third quarter of fiscal 2019, subject to customary closing conditions.

Fluido is one of the largest and longest tenured independent Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partners in Europe and an Authorized Salesforce Training Delivery partner in the Nordics. Fluido brings to Infosys globally recognized Salesforce expertise, alongside a world-class agile delivery process that simultaneously simplifies and scales digital efforts across channels and touch-points.

Fluido elevates Infosys’ presence across the Nordics region with developed assets and deep client relationships, a great team and an effective local culture. Fluido customers are represented across industries, such as manufacturing, energy, retail and telecommunications, to whom Fluido delivers services that span from strategy consulting to implementation and training.

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Apple launches new series of iPhone – XS, XS Max and XR

Apple launches new series of iPhone – XS, XS Max and XRApple has launched three new iPhone models – the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The iPhone XS and XS Max are upgrades to the iPhone X launched last year. While the iPhone XS has the same 5.8-inch screen as before, the iPhone XS Max is Apple’s largest iPhone ever at 6.5 inches.

The iPhone XS is an upgrade on the iPhone X and differs from its predecessor primarily because it sports a Super Retina display with better resolution, the latest 7nm A12 Bionic processor which is much faster and a better camera setup overall. The iPhone XS Max is a larger version of the iPhone XS with a 6.5-inch display. Though Apple calls it its largest phone ever, it is pretty much the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus. This phone has a larger battery – again the largest ever in an Apple phone – than the iPhone XS and can give up to 90 minutes of extra usage.

The iPhone XR is essentially a fusion of the iPhone X in front. This is also the more affordable of all phones. To bring the price down Apple has packed in an LCD screen instead of OLED, aluminium instead of stainless steel on the chassis and a single camera at the rear instead of a dual camera system.

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WCD issues Advisory for parents to protect kids from the ‘Momo Challenge’

WCD issues Advisory for parents to protect kids from the Momo ChallengeThe Women and Child Development (WCD) Ministry has issued an advisory for parents who doubt their children are being tempted by the deadly internet suicide game, the Momo challenge.

The Momo challenge is an online suicide game like the ‘Blue Whale Game’ where participants receive instructions from an anonymous sender over the internet. They are then asked to perform whatever directions they are given, the last one is to take their own life in order to complete the challenge.

Earlier this year, the Momo challenge allegedly claimed two lives in West Bengal’s Darjeeling district. While one of the victims was an 18-year-old boy, the other was a girl aged 26.

If a child becomes withdrawn from near and dear ones, seems to be in a low mood all the time and has visible marks such as deep cuts or wounds on any part of the body, then the child is likely to be hooked to Momo or any other online suicide game. The ministry has warned parents that in order to prevent their child from getting exposed to these challenges, they must monitor their child’s internet activity including social media accounts. An influx of new phone numbers or email accounts is also an indicator of the challenge.

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Veeam partners with Lenovo to deliver Intelligent Data Management

Veeam partners with Lenovo to deliver Intelligent Data ManagementVeeam Software has entered into a new global partnership with Lenovo. This partnership will enable customers to purchase Veeam Intelligent Data Management solutions with Lenovo Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) and Storage Area Network (SAN) offerings directly from Lenovo and its resellers in a single transaction. Veeam’s integration with Lenovo solutions provides organizations with a broad range of choice and flexibility to deliver availability, IT simplicity, scalable performance, operational efficiency and accelerated innovation for the Hyper-Available Enterprise.

The combination of Lenovo SDI and SAN solutions with the Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform provides Lenovo customers and business partners with a one-stop shop for accelerating digital transformation. This combination of technology dramatically simplifies IT, mitigates risk and delivers the intelligent data management required to accelerate and grow businesses.

As a result, customers can eliminate the costs and complexity of legacy infrastructure, virtualization and data protection management, and provide increased RoI through intelligent data management solutions that accelerate application development and deployment, support data analytics, and simplify disaster recovery (DR). Organizations also receive the assurance that the combined Veeam and Lenovo solution is validated by both companies and will deliver optimal business benefits.

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