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Supreme Court indefinitely extends March 31st deadline of Aadhaar linking

Supreme Court indefinitely extends March 31st deadline of Aadhaar linkingIn its latest ruling, the Supreme Court of India has stated that citizens do not necessarily have to link their Aadhaar numbers to bank accounts and mobile phones. The deadline for mandatory Aadhaar linking with bank accounts and mobile phones stand extended indefinitely till the Constitution Bench pronounces verdict on the validity of the Aadhaar scheme.

The top court has said that a biometric ID is mandatory for accessing social welfare schemes and subsidies, but till it decides on whether the government’s demand for Aadhaar to be linked to private and public services is a violation of the right to privacy, the 12-digit unique number given to each citizen does not have to be linked to other services.

Ever since Aadhaar was launched in 2009 to streamline welfare payments and reduce wastage in public spending, PM Narendra Modi’s govt. has been keen to mandate the use of Aadhaar for everything from filing income tax to the registration of mobile phone numbers and booking railway tickets. Aadhaar was then made mandatory for welfare, pension and employment schemes….Read More




Browsers are trending to be more paranoid or we..???

Browsers are trending to be more paranoid or weIf, for any reason, you need to observe your tracks while you are browsing the web on your desktop, you have plenty of options to keep anonymous. Thanks to Mr. Orbot, Android users, too, have a splution to use the Tor network to anonymise their web browsing sessions and avoid being monitored. Now, thanks to Onion Browser ($0.99), iPhone and iPad users also finally get an easy option to tunnel their web traffic through the Tor network.

Now a days each and every browsers are trending to be equipped with exactly on demand features. There are bookmarks or easy access to search, and after all for advanced feature like remember password, block cookies etc. are driven by cookies (temporary storing data in a Virtual medium), enable user agent spoofing on the same IP and machine. As world wide web trafic is on action, and all these browsing activities should channelise through a secured transport layer, which is called secured socket Layer (SSL) and is a part of dedicated HTTPS mechanism, so that easily we can’t be monitored publicly.

At the same time, the security issues and challenges for Financial and Govt. transactional data including BIG-DATA/FAT-DATA has long been common practice online. More recently, all the browser applications are pushing to encrypt all World Wide Web traffic. Google search, Wikipedia, Facebook,Twitter etc. and are now using HTTPS default but practically migrating from HTTP to HTTPS can be experienced as a major technical and Financial challenge, an imposed concept for security of transformed data …..” A trend of paranoid approach of all major Browsers”….Read More



Acer is the No.1 PC Gaming Brand in India

Acer is the No.1 PC Gaming Brand in IndiaAcer has become the “No.1 Gaming Brand” in India across laptops, desktops and monitors as per IDC’s Q4 2017 report. Acer has emerged as the leading brand with 25.4% market share in the gaming laptops and 41.9% marketing share in gaming monitors and beats Dell, HP, MSI and Asus by a significant margin in Q4 2017.

Acer gained the top spot in the gaming market with its critically acclaimed and widely popular Predator and Nitro gaming series. Acer in India has the widest portfolio of PC gaming products which includes laptops, desktops, monitors and accessories specifically designed for beginners to professional gamers.

Commenting on the achievement, Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO & Consumer Business Head, Acer said, “We are extremely delighted to achieve the No.1 position in the gaming category across laptops, desktops and monitors. Our strong commitment in developing exceptional gaming notebooks, desktops, and monitors has helped us to win the hearts and minds of our customers and I thank our fans who have helped us to be the leader in gaming laptops. We will continue to delight our fans and work towards strengthening our market leadership in the coming months.Read More


Nokia names Sanjay Goel as President of Global Services

Nokia names Sanjay Goel as President of Global ServicesNokia has announced the appointment of Sanjay Goel as President of Global Services and member of the Group Leadership Team (GLT) from April 1, 2018. Goel will report to Nokia President and Chief Executive Officer, Rajeev Suri. Igor Leprince, who previously held the Global Services position, will support Goel during a transition period and then leave Nokia to pursue opportunities outside the company.

“I want to thank Igor for his contributions to Nokia. I warmly welcome Sanjay to the GLT, and look forward to working together to further strengthen Global Services,” said Rajeev Suri.

Goel was most recently head of Global Services Sales. He brings with him the experience of senior leadership roles in Services over the last ten years at Nokia. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with a specialization in Electronics and Communications from the Manipal Institute of Technology in India….Read More




Airtel owns GBI’s India–Middle East–Europe submarine cable

Airtel owns GBI's India–Middle East–Europe submarine cableBharti Airtel (“Airtel”) and Gulf Bridge International (“GBI”) announced a strategic agreement to unlock the capacity on GBI’s India-Middle East-Europe submarine cable system. Under the agreement, Airtel will acquire the ownership of the India leg of GBI’s India-Middle East-Europe submarine cable. Airtel will also pick up a significant capacity on Middle East-Europe leg of GBI’s cable system.

Airtel and GBI have also agreed to formulate joint Go to Market strategies and leverage the footprint of their respective global networks to serve global customers.

Ajay Chitkara, Director and CEO for Global Voice and Data Business, Bharti Airtel said, “We are delighted to announce this agreement with GBI. With this, we are adding a large capacity to meet the growing data, content demand in markets like India as well as serve the connectivity needs of global carriers and enterprise customers. The agreement offers great synergies to Airtel and GBI as both partners will able to build on each other’s strengths in their respective markets. This will also complement Airtel’s existing global network spanning 250,000 Rkms with presence in 50 countries and contribute to our vision of serving customers with a future ready network that is built on cutting-edge technology.”Read More




Microsoft signs its first renewable energy deal in India

Microsoft signs its first renewable energy deal in IndiaMicrosoft has announced the completion of its first renewable energy deal within the Karnataka state of India. The agreement will see Microsoft purchase 3 megawatts of solar-powered electricity from Atria Power to help power its new office building in Bangalore. This will meet 80 percent of the projected electricity needs at the new facility. This deal is part of a state government of Karnataka program to encourage investments in local solar energy operations, in line with the larger Indian government goal to ramp up solar power generation to 100 gigawatts by 2022, as part of India’s efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“Investing in local solar energy to help power our new Bangalore office building is good for Microsoft, good for India and good for the environment,” said Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India. “We are proud to be deepening our long history of partnership and investment in India with this agreement. This deal will help us grow sustainably and supports the growth of the Indian solar energy industry, so that the entire country can more easily and reliably access clean electricity.”Read More




Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to defend against emerging threats

Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to defend against emerging threatsMalware sophistication is increasing as adversaries begin to weaponize cloud services and evade detection through encryption. This is used as a tool to conceal command-and-control activity. To reduce adversaries’ time to operate, security professionals said they will increasingly leverage and spend more on tools that use AI and machine learning. This has been reported in the CISCO annual cybersecurity report. The report also shows 50 percent of organizations in India are reliant on automation, 53 percent are reliant on machine learning, 51 percent are highly reliant on AI.

While encryption is meant to enhance security, the expanded volume of encrypted global web traffic (50 percent as of October 2017) – both legitimate and malicious – has created more challenges for defenders trying to identify and monitor potential threats. Cisco threat researchers observed more than a threefold increase in encrypted network communication used by inspected malware samples over a 12-month period globally….Read More