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Does software companies collect data in Devices ???

Does software companies collect data in DevicesIt is not necessary to know who are the software companies is stealing your data. It is not fair to blame only facebook, Twitter and WhatApp for stealing your data for business continuity or to give better service by understanding the user’s behaviour. The fact is they would require to understand your behaviour then only they can suggest the best. Like through machine learning, machine is learning us on our behaviour and attitude.

Today’s every software company is developing their products based on artificial Intelligence(AI) including Microsoft, Google, Apple and Amazon etc. Secondly, another interesting thing is by see the power of a simple, antivirus software , which is a software program that spreads from one computer to another and interferes with computer operation. The computer virus could corrupt or delete data on a computer, use an email program to spread the virus to other computers, or even delete everything on the hard disk….For More Info:


Your Camera is a cyber-spy for you…!!!

Your Camera is a cyber-spy for youDo we have the camera with a button for ON / OFF including a Black Cover on It…..!!!

In this digitally transformed era, imaging technology giving a whole new meaning to the idea of painting by digits, and it is used to capture photo or video and much more. It is advised you to better cover the webcam /microphone with a cover/ black tape.Smartphone cameras are possibly the most frequently-used technology of today. Most of the mobile phone brands they promote the product as the powerful cameras , camera phone to take beter pictures but surprisingly now one educates on this vulnerabilities effect.

Most smartphone makers now claim that the cameras on their premium devices are a good as professional cameras. Considering how many top smartphones are now priced around or above $1,000, it can be considered a plus that they include increasingly more powerful and quality driven cameras that are simple enough for the average user to master. Some smartphone camera features come standard and help users set up stellar shots automatically. Other features may have to be activated, but are typically easy to access within a phone’s camera app.With this the future of the samrt phone are coming under hamering….Learn more

Does the ‘Forwarded’ mark in forwarding of messages stop lynching

Does the 'Forwarded' mark in forwarding of messages stop lynchingWhatsApp is one of the most commonly used messenger service across the world. This service has critical administrative issues, where in miscreants can take advantage and create law and order problem.

Mobile is a hand held device and hence should be used single handedly. Device going into an unauthorised hand can create havoc and confidential, sensitive & personal details can be brought into a public domain thereby misunderstandings could be crept along with the added incentive of misuse of the social networking platform.

The user should perform utmost due diligence in ensuring that he shall not part with his device to any unknown person and also by not downloading apps from Internet which can take remote control of the device, perform snooping and misuse of information. The IMEI number of the device plays a very pivotal role during investigation by law enforcement agencies and hence user should not part with the IMEI in the public domain, as this may lead to cloning of devices resulting in an innocent person getting to be victimized….Learn more:

Telengana Police uses new tool to identify criminals

Telengana Police uses new tool to identify criminalsThe State Police department of Telengana has geared with the latest technology based system to do the facial recognisation and become the first police force in the country to leverage the technology, that too by bringing it to the fingertips of its officers by incorporating in TSCOP mobile application. The facility will allow Investigation Officers (IOs) to identify potential offenders by comparing person’s face with several lakhs of digital photographs stored in the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) .

FRS is an integrated feature of TSCOP mobile app for assisting investigation officers and efficient services to citizens and therby improving responsiveness, state Director General of Police M Mahendar Reddy said. This will aid investigating officers (IOs) in identifying criminals and suspects across the State in real time and at lightning speed.

The tools allows police to identify potential offenders by comparing a suspect’s face with lakhs of digital photographs of people including offenders,wanted and those missing stored in the central database of Crime and criminal tracking Network and systems ( CCTNS) said. The technology has the capability to match with the photographs of persons that do not match with the central database would automatically be discarded and will not be shared anywhere in the system. The central database includes photographs of offenders, missing persons and wanted criminals apart from photographs of arrested offenders published in the media….Read More :

Apple achieves the feat of becoming a trillion dollar company

Apple achieves the feat of becoming a trillion dollar companyApple’s valuation has crossed $1 trillion, thus becoming the first American public company to achieve it. The stock of Apple passed $207.04 a share and is at an all-time high of $208.38.

Apple is now up more than 20% this year. Apple on Wednesday reported earnings that topped forecasts, following which its shares surged.

Apple has rallied past the trillion level thanks to solid sales of the iPhone 8 and X – particularly in China and Japan – and surging services revenue from the App Store. Wall Street thinks Apple could go even higher. Thirteen analysts have a price target of above $225 per share for Apple. The most bullish, Brian White of Monness, Crespi, Hardt & Co., has a price target of $275 a share. That would value Apple at $1.3 trillion.

There has been a speculation in the market however that the iPhone maker should come up with a new product in order to keep up with sales and profits in a competitive market.Read More


Jio and SBI team up to deepen its digital partnership

Jio and SBI team up to deepen its digital partnershipJio and SBI are deepening their partnership to bring next-generation bilateral frictionless experience with exclusive digital Banking, Payments and Commerce journeys for their customers.

Jio and SBI are entering into a digital partnership aimed to increase SBI’s digital customer base multifold. SBI YONO is a revolutionary omni-channel platform offering digital banking, commerce and financial superstore services to customers. YONO’s digital banking features and solutions will be enabled through the MyJio platform for a seamless, integrated and superior customer experience. MyJio, one of India’s largest over-the-top (OTT) mobile applications, will now bring in financial services capabilities of SBI and Jio Payments Bank.

Jio and SBI customers will benefit from Jio Prime, a consumer engagement and commerce platform from Reliance. Jio Prime will offer exclusive deals from Reliance Retail, Jio, partner brands and merchants. In addition, with an integration between SBI Rewardz (existing loyalty program from SBI) and Jio Prime, customers of SBI will be offered additional loyalty reward-earning opportunities as well as broader redemption within Reliance, Jio and other online and physical partner ecosystems….Read More

New-age CIOs come out as the showstoppers at the 9th VARINDIA EIITF 2018

New-age CIOs come out as the showstoppers at the 9th VARINDIA EIITF 2018Kolkata recently witnessed the successful conclusion of the 9th EIITF (Eastern India Information Technology Fair – 2018) that was hosted by VARINDIA. Amidst speeches and presentations from corporate houses, the event served as a common platform for the corporates to share ideas, discuss issues and challenges targeting the growth of the ICT sector in the region in particular and the country in general. All in all, the event saw the coming together of 200 senior officials from the IT Department, dignitaries from Central and state government departments and spokespeople from IT Corporates.

The special guests who attended the event were V K Bhandari, CMD – Supertron Electronics Pvt. Ltd.; Dr Tinku Acharya, Fellow IEEE, Founder & MD- Videonetics Technology; Manjit Nayak, Addl. Director- STPI; P L Suhasaria, President- COMPASS; Mansi Saha, Regional Secretary (East)- ISODA; Sandeep Sengupta, M.D.- ISOAH; Ranjit Metrani, VP Sales and Chief Revenue Officer- ESDS Software and Ardaman Singh Kapoor, Channel Manager East India and Bhutan- Fortinet Inc., besides the presence of other big-wigs from the industry.

Giving his opening remark, Deepak Kumar Sahu, Chief Editor – VARINDIA spoke about how Digital transformation is on top of the mind of the CXOs in 2018 and that digital technology helps to open new doors to innovation. “A recent survey on the 300 CIOs from across the country reveals that newer technologies are bringing newer opportunities in business and investment into certain emerging technologies, offering both quantitative and qualitative insights.”…..Read More