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Avaya partners with NxtGen

NxtGen-VCEverywhere3NxtGen has tied up with Avaya to launch “VCEverywhere” – an instant video conferencing solution that is simple and cost-effective alternative to complex, in-room traditional video conferencing systems.  This cloud-­based service from NxtGen and Avaya eliminates the technical hassles of  …Show full article

Avaya brings new research and calculator tool

Laurent-Philonenko-svp-avaya-300x300Avaya has released new research and calculator tool developed with industry analysts, Frost & Sullivan that helps companies determine how they are executing against a top priority for digital transformation efforts: Improving Customer Engagement. The research into Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) identifies qualities that separate high-performing companies from others, and how customer engagement can be influenced through a blend of business orientation, resource management and technology.

With investments in digital transformation initiatives outweighing overall IT spend in some industries, it is critical that companies have a means of determining if the investments are having the intended effect on key objectives. Unilaterally, 80% of companies in any stage of digital transformation cite improving customer engagement as a priority. Measuring Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) can help companies stay on track for success since the research shows that companies tracking CLV significantly outperform others in terms of profitability …Read more

Avaya strengthens its foothold in China with New Legal Entity

avaya-logo-500-300x300Avaya has announced that it has established a new legal entity to drive its operations in China. The move is intended to enhance localization in this strategic market to provide better support for Greater China customers and partners.

The new streamlined operation will make it easier for customers and partners to work with Avaya, strengthening its ability to locally develop solutions and services to meet local customer needs and cultural communications habits. With domestically manufactured products and the reduction of logistics barriers, the new streamed operation will help make it easier and quicker to bring Avaya solutions to the customers that need …Read more

Avaya powers India’s Public Sector with high-definition video solutions

Arun-Shetty-Director-of-Collaboration-Solutions-avaya-300x300Avaya has announced its partnership with the DGS&D (Directorate General Supplies & Disposals), a central purchase & quality assurance organization of the Government of India, Department of Supply and Ministry of Commerce. Avaya will offer the latest high-definition video solutions in the DGS&D Rate Contract. Ensuring unrivalled performance, the partnership will help the Government of India (including ministries, educational instructions and central / state government organizations) to effortlessly transform its G2G and G2C communications and include video on any mobile or computing device, thus empowering India’s public sector and accelerating the momentum towards delivering a Digital India.

Playing a key role in the digital transformation of India, Avaya, through this rate contract, would be able to provide the latest video conferencing technology to various units of both Central and State governments. It will also offer both HD videoconferencing endpoints, multi-point conferencing bridges and video desktop in the rate contract, which will enable the Government to deploy a full-fledged solution and help them in meeting their requirements…Read more

Avaya appoints Nidal Abou-Ltaif to lead Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia-Pacific

Nidal-Abou-Ltaif-avaya-300x300Avaya has appointed Nidal Abou-Ltaif as President for Europe, Middle East & Africa (MEA), and Asia-Pacific (APAC). He will drive Avaya’s “customer-first” solution innovation ethos and outcome-based approach, and help customers achieve their digital transformation goals.

Pierre-Paul Allard, Senior Vice-President, Worldwide Sales and President, Global Field Operations, Avaya, said, “Nidal has a significant history of success, a recognized people focus, a fierce passion for winning, and a track-record in helping governments and businesses use technology to make a real difference in people’s lives. In this new role, his expertise and experience will prove invaluable in a market environment where change is the only constant. Together with his strong regional leadership team, he has built an impressive culture of engagement, inclusive of customers, partners and employees. His personal, high-touch interactions with customers create excellent business value, which in turn drives strong market demand for Avaya.”Read more

Avaya joins hands with AGC Networks to deliver cloud-based services

Anil-Nair-Managing-Director-CEO-AGC-NetworksAvaya and AGC Networks have tied up to deliver cloud-based services to businesses across India. Under the terms of the agreement, AGC Networks will deliver communication and collaboration capabilities for new and existing customers in India, with the support and expertise of the Avaya Private Cloud Services organization.
“This announcement demonstrates our focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions in innovative, adaptable formats designed to deliver Return on Technology Investment (ROTI). Avaya technology has long been at the heart of many of our major deployments and we look forward to being able to now expand our reach substantially. As trusted advisors, we believe our customers deserve the best and this model does just that – it takes away complexity and lets them get on with managing their business,” said Anil Nair, Managing Director & CEO, AGC Networks…Read more

Avaya completes acquisition of Esna Technologies

avaya logo 300x300 Avaya completes acquisition of Esna TechnologiesAvaya has completed acquisition of Esna Technologies (Esna), a provider of real-time collaboration and communications software, to accelerate the adoption of communications-enabled applications for both enterprises and midmarket companies. Through the acquisition, Avaya will enable end-users to easily access multi-vendor communications capabilities – voice, video, IM/presence, conferencing and messaging – from within cloud-based business applications using their device of choice.

gary e bernett avaya 300x300 Avaya completes acquisition of Esna Technologies“For all the effort that the industry has invested in business communications, most offers fall woefully short of the seamless user experience that leads to effortless engagement. It’s time for the convergence of communications and business applications, time for enabling communications from the browsers of public or private cloud-based applications people use every day, and time for the user experience to be one click to engage. With Esna and Avaya, that’s the value proposition – coming soon to a browser near you,” said Gary E. Barnett, SVP & GM, Avaya Engagement Solutions.

“Esna and Avaya are building the future of collaboration experience – a future where communication is embedded directly into the applications, processes and workflows that drive how work gets done. By uniting our strengths and resources, we’ll be able to offer truly innovative solutions that give companies real choice when it comes to the applications and devices they use to communicate and collaborate with their employees, customers and partners,” said Mohammad Nezarati, CEO, Esna.

Esna-enabled Avaya Communicator web client will be available for both the Avaya IP Office and Avaya Aura platforms with out-of-the-box video and voice capabilities that can be embedded into public or private cloud-based business applications. The “headless” thin client helps improve engagement, productivity and mobility by reducing the disruption caused by shifting in and out of applications or changing devices.

See more at: http://www.varindia.com/avaya-completes-acquisition-of-esna-technologies/