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QlikView Business Discovery Platform deployed

QlikTech has announced that Peugeot Netherlands has deployed the QlikView Business Discovery platform to gain real-time customer insight and to proactively inform customers and partners about the status of service-level agreements and orders.  This rapid access to information has led to improved services and up-to-date information, creating a time gain on reports of at least two to four days a month.


Mike Wesselink, Head, Fleet Sales at Peugeot Netherlands said, “The reason for us to start talking with OneLine Zuid about QlikView was the optimization of our services to customers. Obviously we want to spend our time on our customers, not on reports. However, the use of spreadsheets, separate data sources, and cobbled-together system links hindered us often when informing our external relations and with the compilation of internal reports. The result was a lot of time loss. With QlikView, we improved the quality of our information and now we can further optimize our service.”


Mikel Snijders, Director, OneLine Zuid said, “We have noticed the increasing problems of spreadsheet limitations. The trick is to make all relevant data easily available and accessible to users, so they can make the right connections and quick decisions. The solution we offered Peugeot is an excellent example. It shows how our industry knowledge and technical expertise added value to Peugeot’s data.”