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Security is running across the core fabrics of Cisco

Security is running across the core fabrics of CiscoSecurity is the foundation of the Network and the malware attack is growing exponentially, globally cybercrime will cost 6 trillion annually by 2021. The attack is mainly target to the BFSI industry, as a No.1 vendor into security vendor, CISCO leads the partner eco-system into security. Vishak Raman, Director, Security speaking at the 5th CISCO India Summit in Goa. Security is running across the core fabrics. In CISCO we bring an unique integrated and orchestration approach to fast detect the attack, Vishak said. He further said on how they integrated the technology into four critical components like Alerts, Events, Threat Intelligence and Broadcast .

Alerts- Real-time activities at the endpoint are reported back to the firewall

Events- What happens at the identity service engine, is communicated o the next-gen firewall

Threat Intelligence- What we at the detection point of view, is broadcasted to the entire portfolio….Read More