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Learning math just a click away

Learning math just a click away

A study proves that after using ClassTopper for 1 year for 20 minutes a day on average, students improved their math age by 1.5 years. The Mathematical Institute in Oxford conducted an independent study with data collected from 1976 students across 35 elementary (K-5) classrooms across Greater London.


Jatin Patel, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer said, “ClassTopper offers a large catalog of quick-to-practice visually appealing math exercises that boost and sharpen cognitive powers. They are organized from Pre-KG to Grade 12 (K12) and into progressive levels of difficulty and different categories of brain challenge – like “cognitive control” and “processing speed.” The fact that the exercises are divided into small bite-sized chunks makes this site very friendly for regular practice. And it is all aligned to local curriculums, like CBSE, ICSE and local boards so that your child is ready for standardized testing wherever you are.”


He added, “ClassTopper alerts parents to their child’s progress and provides them with tools and reports that are designed to give the precise information you need to help your child reach their potential in math. We think parents play a critical role in their child’s success.”