OnSSI collaborates with HTS

OnSSI collaborates with HTS

OnSSI has announced compatibility of their Ocularis video management platform with HTS licence plate recognition (LPR) and vehicle identification recognition systems (VRS), including automatic vehicle make and model identification.


Expanding on the functionality of its market leading open-architecture and intelligent IP video surveillance software, the integration of OnSSI’s video management software with HTS’ intelligent analytics provides security professionals with a unified solution for improving situational awareness across a wide range of applications including security, transportation and public safety.

“The integration of intelligent analytics and technologies plays a key role in OnSSI’s open architecture initiatives in the security and surveillance market. Our technology partnership with HTS accelerates these efforts by providing an optimized system that meets demanding needs and delivers comprehensive intelligence across applications,” said Gadi Piran, President & CTO, OnSSI.

When Ocularis is integrated with the HTS systems, users can utilize Ocularis investigative tools to monitor and interrogate data recorded by the LPR and VRS solutions. Event management enables operators to call up live images from associated video surveillance cameras……See More

IT heads have to be innovators…

IT heads have to be innovators…

The business environment today is very dynamic, and IT is expected to keep pace with the demands of customers and users. By looking at technology as the solution, and not a problem, CIOs can handle business demands in a way that creates a great user experience in a manageable, secure and cost-effective manner. CIOs must articulate the current business challenges; understand the company, its competition and the industry.

By bringing the element of innovation, CIOs, as technology leaders, can drive and understand what their peers in the C-Suite are aiming to achieve, and focus on an IT infrastructure that complements their vision. Johan Rydell, CTO at Nevales Networks has expresses his views. According to him, “An IT head is an innovator in the first place, in fact a collaborative innovator who values teamwork; he understands the internal process and thinks differently to create a competitive edge via teamwork and collaboration; while on the other hand, he is expected to understand the customer’s pain points and ease the pain point accordingly and meet their requirements. The bottom line is to ensure that technology or processes should bring in the right ROI.”

From the days when CIO had limited system storage and controlled information generation, to a time where all business processes are using some sort of Information System, the challenge has grown stronger. The reason being the increasing volume of information that is now being generated and processed within a company, and from external entities like suppliers, partners, customers, etc.

The good and bad thing about business dynamics keeps evolving constantly. However, the internet and now the mobile revolution have made this evolution much faster than can be kept pace with using traditional approaches and tools.

With the emergence numerous innovative various devices, services and the ways of consumerization of IT, Data Security has become even more vital. Usage of portable devices including storage devices, thumb drives, tablets, smartphones and social media create lots of openings for information leaks……See More

Sandvine deploys Video Optimization Solutions

Sandvine has announced installation of more than 40 plug-and-play video optimization, parental control and content caching solutions with the leading vendors Mobixell, Netsweeper and PeerApp.  Sandvine has announced these partnerships over the past few years and has been engaged in deploying joint solutions in both fixed and mobile networks worldwide since that time.  Sandvine’s ecosystem offers a broad range of optimization solutions that enable communications service providers to scale cost-efficiently, realizing incremental value from their infrastructure investment.

Sandvine’s Policy Traffic Switch contains patented traffic classification and redirection technology that creates efficiencies by redirecting only relevant traffic, such as video or HTTP traffic to third-party optimizers. By reducing latency and improving the scalability of third-party solutions, Sandvine’s traffic redirection capabilities help operators effectively increase the quality of experience for their subscribers network-wide while reducing operating costs.

Don Bowman, CTO, Sandvine, said, “Our redirection technology provides clear efficiencies when partnered with third-party experts. For example, the Sandvine-Mobixell and Sandvine-Netsweeper partnerships reduce the number of servers CSPs need to deliver video and filter content, and Sandvine solves the network inconsistency of triangle routing or asymmetry, which helps PeerApp deliver video and other content more efficiently.”

Sandvine has deployed content caching from PeerApp to store the popular Internet content and then deliver it from the operator’s network. Parental control provided from Netsweeper will enable to deliver web filtering……See More

Airtel unveils 4G Services in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula

Airtel unveils 4G Services in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula

Bharti Airtel has launched Airtel prepaid and postpaid 4G services in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula - the fastest high-speed data experience available for customers in the state of Punjab. Airtel 4G will leverage the most advanced 4G LTE technology to deliver superfast access to data services for customers to stream High Definition (HD) videos, enjoy multiple chatting, instantly upload photos, download rich content and more.

Commenting on the occasion, Jagbir Singh, CTO & Director, Network Services Group, Bharti Airtel, said, “The much-awaited launch of Airtel 4G services fulfils a huge market requirement and will give customers in Chandigarh the power to upgrade to cutting-edge 4G LTE technology – the most advanced wireless broadband experience available across the globe today. This launch is another first by Airtel that further enhances the footprint of mobile broadband in India. We are optimistic about the potential of Airtel 4G services and invite our data-savvy customers in Punjab to enjoy this world-class data experience.”

In 2010, Airtel had successfully bid for BWA licence spectrum in Kolkata, Karnataka, Punjab and Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai) circles. Additionally, earlier this year, Bharti Airtel acquired 49-per cent interest in Qualcomm AP’s India entities that hold BWA licences in Delhi, Mumbai, Haryana and Kerala. The company has launched its 4G LTE services in Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune and now Chandigarh…..See More

Mahindra Comviva and Funambol team up

Mahindra Comviva and Funambol team up

Funambol and Mahindra Comviva have announced a partnership to help mobile service providers get to market quickly with personal cloud services. Through this association, Funambol will provide its award-winning solution that enables service providers to deploy a self-branded digital lifestyle personal cloud. Mahindra Comviva will leverage its wide product portfolio and extensive geographic presence to create and deliver personal cloud solutions, leveraging Funambol technology that meets the unique needs of customers in its markets. It has been estimated that the global personal cloud market will grow from $6.6 billion in 2013 to $43.5 billion in 2018, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45.61% from 2013 to 2018.

“The increase in Mobile Internet users in the emerging markets and consumption of digital content, but without a similar growth in PC and computer infrastructure, has accelerated the need for personal cloud solutions. Mahindra Comviva is extending its award-winning WebAxn solution to include personal cloud services with this partnership,” said Arun Tanksali, Chief Technology Officer, Mahindra Comviva.

The Funambol–Mahindra Comviva partnership is another indication that the market for service provider personal clouds is red hot, as many providers have recently decided to offer their own branded personal cloud…..See More

Wipro collaborates with Pingar

Wipro collaborates with Pingar

Pingar has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Wipro Technologies for the expansion of its growing international partner network and manage unstructured data to gain efficiency and improve the quality of business processes, collaboration and content management programmes.

Peter Wren-Hilton, CEO, Pingar, said, “Wipro’s culture of leveraging innovative enterprise solutions and high levels of service delivery fits in with Pingar’s emphasis on pioneering research and development. Their customer base aligns with our strategy to establish a significant global network with feet on the ground in each major region.”

Commenting on this partnership, Anurag Srivastava, Chief Technology Officer, Wipro Technologies, said, “Our global client base demands that we provide technology for continuous improvements to business operations. The ability to integrate Pingar’s API with existing enterprise systems, and extends their capabilities to gain efficiencies and strategic knowledge from unstructured data, represents a rich area of value to Wipro customers….See More

AT&T and Ericsson join hands for Global Device Connectivity

AT&T and Ericsson join hands for Global Device Connectivity

According to the latest update, AT&T has selected Ericsson(NASDAQ) to provide testing and verification for devices within its Global SIM Program. Under the agreement, Ericsson will test the performance for each manufacturer’s device to ensure the devices are compatible with regulatory and international carrier requirements and networks.

Device verification and carrier certifications are crucial to robust, optimized device performance across the extensive, standards-based mobile broadband infrastructure that Ericsson delivers globally. AT&T’s global SIM devices will be verified and tested by Ericsson prior to its launch in Ericsson labs throughout the world.

As the global leader in mobile networks, Ericsson is able to help operators like AT&T secure the best customer experience by helping them make devices more network friendly, as well as making networks more device friendly. Through its global device labs, Ericsson is able to ensure maximum performance for both device manufacturers and network operators…..See More

Oracle boosts Cloud Adoption

Oracle boosts Cloud Adoption

Oracle has unveiled new bundled offerings around its x86 servers, entry-level SPARC servers and storage solutions to enable mid-sized organization drive superior consolidation and virtualization as they embrace cloud computing. This new Volume Business Initiative will be driven through partners and is being rolled out across APAC markets.

Stuart Long, Chief Technology Officer & Senior Sales Consulting Director, Systems Division, Asia-Pacific and Japan, Oracle Corporation, said, “Oracle’s new bundled offerings address these challenges as these include built-in operating system, virtualization, infrastructure provisioning and system management in one integrated stack. In addition, taking advantage of Oracle hardware and software engineered together, all these components are tested together and supported together by one vendor – Oracle….See More

ArrayShield to fight against advanced malware attacks

ArrayShield has announced the countermeasure against all the advanced malware attacks through its IDAS Two Factor Authentication solution. Gartner’s report titled “Where Strong Authentication Fails and What You Can Do About It” has researched about sophisticated Trojan/malware based attacks that compromise not only passwords but also OTP/Token based Authentication….


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Wipro Technologies joins hands with Google

Wipro Technologies joins hands with Google

Wipro Technologies has joined the Google Cloud Platform Partner Programme as a Services Partner.  Recognizing that almost every product or IT service will be either cloud resident or cloud attached, Wipro’s Integrated Cloud Solutions and R&D Services team is eager to leverage Google’s Cloud Platform for Wipro’s IT and R&D customers worldwide.

Dr. Anurag Srivastava, Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice-President, Wipro Global IT Business, said…


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