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GDPR Will Change The Business Dynamics

GDPR Will Change The Business DynamicsWith the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect from 25th May 2018 in Europe. Now citizens across will have the choice and more control over their personal data, including what messages they want to receive from marketers, hence it will be difficult for the corporates to share their bulk branding campaigns share through either digital or social media campaigns .The fact behind it , with the help of artificial Intelligence ( AI),when a consumer clicks the advertisement, all the user data/behaviour/profile/buying pattern can be captured. Now, the question comes on how to do impact-full marketing to reach out the target audiences.

Globally, the increasing number of cybercrimes has made it imperative for companies to keep pace in hiring the right talent to combat them. Therefore, companies across the world are gearing up to ensure compliance to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy requirements. While the larger technology giants are more or less equipped to comply, it is the mid-size and smaller firms that are seeking professionals to help them cope with the requirements the new laws entail and data security is the biggest reason for SMEs not taking up Cloud Computing ….Read More


IBM Announces expansion of IOT ecosystem with new clients

IBM Announces expansion of IOT ecosystem with new clientsIBM has announced key clients and partnerships that are fuelling Internet of Things (IoT) innovation in India. This news kicks off IBM’s Genius of Things Summit in Mumbai where more than 200 customers, partners and industry leaders will discuss new ways of doing business and showcase innovative new real-life customer stories that demonstrate how IoT can disrupt the market.

“In today’s hyper connected era, business must be able to make sense of the massive amounts of data being generated to create a safer world, improve consumer experiences and deliver excellence in service. The key to this is Cognitive IoT,” said Karan Bajwa, Managing Director, IBM India/South Asia. “With an unparalleled, growing global ecosystem of over 6,000 clients, 1,400 partners and 750 IoT patents, IBM is uniquely positioned to lead the IoT revolution across industries and help companies in India plug into critical new revenue streams.”Read More

Gaurav Aggarwal to head Symantec

Gaurav Aggarwal to head SymantecGaurav Agarwal who used to work as the Director, Operations & Sales, Public Sector – CISCO Systems. The Government and Service Provider (Telco) verticals are among the top drivers of revenue growth for Cisco as it looks to net revenue targets of $2 billion in FY 2018 and $5 billion in FY 2020. Gaurav brings a highest level of experience inoperations and Sales in all Central and State Govt Business for Cisco for India. Lead a team of 50 Sales and Tech Sales People as a Second Line Manager to achieve objectives of a 130 M USD plus business with Govt of India….Read More

Connected devices are at risk-Kaspersky Labs

Elena-Kharchenko-Head-of-Consumer-Product-Management-Kaspersky-Lab-300x300A research conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International shows that when it comes to Internet security, consumer’s concern and awareness are both on the increase. However, despite a growing recognition of the need to protect devices, many consumers are struggling to identify, install and use security software.

The study, which questioned 11,819 people from over 27 countries, assessed cybersecurity trends amongst consumers in today’s rapidly-evolving, multi-device, connected world. It found that consumers are using more connected devices than ever before, with the average household now owning 8 connected devices. The research shows that mobile devices have replaced desktops as the main device for going online and tablets are also losing out to smartphones. In fact, 57% now use a smartphone to mainly access the Internet in 2015, an increase from 45% in 2012…Visit VARINDIA for the full post

Learn Breaking Down

Learn Breaking Down

ASSOCHAM “Officially Supported” by the Department of Electronics and IT, Ministry of Communications and IT, Government of India, along with E2labs is jointly organizing a 5-day Advanced Programme on “Learn – Breaking Down the Security of a Website, Web Application or Company for Real”.

World’s leading experts on Cyber Security, Chris Russo and Fernando, from Argentina would be sharing their expertise during this 5-day programme.

ASSOCHAM is conducting highly innovative Hands-on Web Application & Web Penetration Security Course, which is geared to provide an actionable skill set that can be utilized to mitigate enterprise risk from day one. That is why it is crucial that every IT organization learns how to secure a Web-Site, Web-Application, classification and identification of vulnerabilities, attack methods and Solutions and by implementing enforceable security policies.

Cyber Security agenda created

Cyber Security agenda created

Kaspersky Lab has entered into collaboration with ITU (the International Telecommunication Union), to co-develop key components of the ITU Telecom World 2012 debate agenda.

Kaspersky Lab with ITU and the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT), will contribute to the agenda for high-level discussions on cybersecurity at the event’s leadership summit. Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky will deliver a keynote speech at the event outlining the magnitude and global nature of cyberthreats.

Hamadoun Toure, Secretary-General, ITU, said, “Cybersecurity is a major challenge that we have to tackle at the global level. ITU is delighted to be able to draw on the knowledge and experience of Kaspersky Lab to deliver sessions on cybersecurity at Telecom World 2012 next October that will put the spotlight on the critical, wide-ranging and truly global nature of the security issues we face – and how we can best deal with them.”

Speaking about the ITU Telecom World 2012 event, Kaspersky noted, “Cybersecurity is a fast-growing global concern facing us all, and it is crucial that we use the international platform provided by such a top-level event as ITU Telecom World 2012 to conduct the full and proper discussions needed to best tackle this issue.”

2011 Top Cyber Security Risks Report

2011 Top Cyber Security Risks Report

HP has published the 2011 Top Cyber Security Risks Report, which identifies the growing sophistication and severity of security attacks and the resulting risks. The report provides the information to help enterprises and governments understand the threat landscape and assess their security posture.

The report also indicates that hacker motivations are continuously changing due to the growing presence of “hacktivist” groups. In addition to changing motivation, advances in attack techniques have led to the increased “success” rate of security breaches. As a result, enterprises and governments are faced with new challenges in assessing and remediating risks.

According to the report, pure vulnerability volume is no longer a valid indicator of the security risk landscape. While newly reported vulnerabilities in commercial applications continue to decline, a large number of vulnerabilities are unaccounted for, and are, therefore, undisclosed to the broader security industry.

“To protect organizations against a wide range of attacks, HP has established a global network of security researchers who look for vulnerabilities that were not publicly disclosed. The intelligence gained from this research group is built into HP enterprise security solutions in an effort to proactively reduce risk,” said Damanjit Singh Uberoi, Chief Solutions Architect & Security Evangelist, HP Enterprise Security Products, HP India.