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eScan wins Microsoft Certification

eScan wins Microsoft Certification

As per a latest update, eScan has announced that its antivirus solutions have achieved certification from Microsoft for Windows 8 (and Windows 8.1) operating system and will ensure secured computing environment to its users against evolving cyber threats.

The latest range of eScan security solutions is tailor-made in accordance with the IT security needs of the customers.  eScan’s user-friendly security solutions can be easily installed on PCs, laptops, etc with Windows 8.x OS and will ensure required protection from growing cyber threats. It also enhances the user’s privacy, security to their important data, as well as their digital life.

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Govind Rammurthy, MD & CEO, eScan, said, “We are happy to be certified by Microsoft for Windows 8. eScan’s latest Security Solutions are completely compatible with the latest generation of Windows Operating Systems and hence will ensure safe computing environment to the IT users using Windows 8.”

eScan has worked closely with Microsoft in order to eliminate all the anticipated problems users may have experienced when migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Earlier, eScan had announced the compatibility of its latest desktop products with the recently launched Windows 8.1……..See More

eScan bags Microsoft Gold Partner Status in Security Solutions

eScan bags Microsoft Gold Partner Status in Security Solutions

eScan has announced that it has achieved the Microsoft Gold Partnership status in security solutions and has received the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status through their active execution, domain expertise and strategic role in the industry of security solutions.

Technology Evangelists of India

Govind Rammurthy, MD & CEO, eScan, said, It is an honour to continue being the Microsoft Gold Partner and be associated with world’s largest vendor, Microsoft. This shows that we are committed towards delivering the highest quality of security solutions and services. It is also a reflection of the dedication of our entire team which ensures that we meet and exceed the requirements of each competency. eScan as a Gold Certified Partner will receive a valuable set of benefits including training and technical support, which will help eScan to continue to provide products and services that satisfy the need of its clients.

eScan’s Gold Partner status widens ample opportunities for eScan in the coming times. eScan has attained the status of Gold Partnership due to its dedicated and continuous endeavour to provide reliable security  solutions that matches the needs of IT users across various segments and verticals……..See More

Security Solution launched for Mac users

eScan has launched its latest offering for Mac users, eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac. Macs are believed to be less vulnerable to cyber attacks. However, similar to Windows OS, the recent developments show that with its growing usage, cyber criminals are focusing equally on finding vulnerabilities in Mac OS and its applications. Hence, in order to provide secured computing environment for Mac users, eScan has launched its Mac Edition.


Govind Rammurthy, MD & CEO, eScan, said, “Macs are as vulnerable to cyber threats as any other operating systems. Generally, IT users have an impression that Macs are less available to hackers due to their security technology. However, the OS has been facing a number of vulnerabilities lately and new vulnerabilities are disclosed regularly. Earlier, with Mac OS having only about 10% of the market share, hackers generally did not intend to develop viruses that would only influence a smaller portion of the IT users. Over time, as the Mac user base is increasing, there is no doubt that it will become a tantalizing target. Hence, we now have eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac that ensures that Mac users are safe from the evolving cyber threats.”

eScan announces its compatibility with Windows 8

eScan announces its compatibility with Windows 8

eScan has announced the compatibility of its desktop products with Windows 8, the operating system from Microsoft. eScan range of products for home users that are compatible with Windows 8 OS are available in more than 18 languages.

Govind Rammurthy CEO & MD, eScan, said, “As of May 2012, the market share of Windows OS is 84.83%. With its wide usage, Window OS has always been a prime focus of cyber criminals and the latest OS is no exception. Hence, security remains a major concern. To extend the eScan protection to Windows 8 users, we have ensured that eScan is compatible with the new technologies of Windows 8 and supports the enhancements in the new OS. Moreover, we are also in process of developing the compatibility enhancements for the Metro GUI of Windows 8.”