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JIO collaborates with RAI for JIO-GST Solution

JIO collaborates with RAI for JIO-GST SolutionThe Retailers’ Association of India (RAI) has collaborated with Reliance JIO-GST for introducing a GST-compliance solution for implementation of GST by retailers. Reliance JIO is one of the GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs) and JIO-GST solution will assist retailers to maintain records, file GST returns and comply with the provisions of GST law.

“GST is a giant step forward for India to create uniformity of taxes across the country. We know that its implementation is a complex process and all of us, in the industry, have to play our part for successful implementation of the Act. We, at RAI, believe that this welcome change has to be supported with an easy technological access for compliance. We are sure that JioGST will be able to support millions of retailers across the country to ensure hassle- free compliance,” said Kumar Rajagopalan, Chief Executive Officer, RAI….Read  More : http://www.varindia.com/news/jio-collaborates-with-rai-for-jiogst-solution