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Acer is the No.1 PC Gaming Brand in India

Acer is the No.1 PC Gaming Brand in IndiaAcer has become the “No.1 Gaming Brand” in India across laptops, desktops and monitors as per IDC’s Q4 2017 report. Acer has emerged as the leading brand with 25.4% market share in the gaming laptops and 41.9% marketing share in gaming monitors and beats Dell, HP, MSI and Asus by a significant margin in Q4 2017.

Acer gained the top spot in the gaming market with its critically acclaimed and widely popular Predator and Nitro gaming series. Acer in India has the widest portfolio of PC gaming products which includes laptops, desktops, monitors and accessories specifically designed for beginners to professional gamers.

Commenting on the achievement, Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO & Consumer Business Head, Acer said, “We are extremely delighted to achieve the No.1 position in the gaming category across laptops, desktops and monitors. Our strong commitment in developing exceptional gaming notebooks, desktops, and monitors has helped us to win the hearts and minds of our customers and I thank our fans who have helped us to be the leader in gaming laptops. We will continue to delight our fans and work towards strengthening our market leadership in the coming months.Read More


India x86 server market declines in Q2 2016

india-serverThe x86 server market in India declined by 16.9 percent quarter-on-quarter in Q2 2016, with 33,662 units shipped in Q2 2016 as against 40,488 units in Q1 2016 according to IDC.

In terms of revenue, there was a 16.5 percent quarter-on-quarter decline registered in Q2 2016. Periodic investments from cloud service providers, home-grown hosting providers and continued spending towards 4G deployments predominantly contributed to this quarter’s server demand. Digitization across the banking sector, piece-meal demand from e-commerce and payment banks further fuelled into Q2’s compute demand. Overall spending on server has normalized back to its usual average, and the trend is expected to continue in the coming quarter as well.

The non x86 server market declined by 25.2 per cent quarter-on-quarter in terms of unit shipments and 3.7 per cent in terms of revenue in Q2 2016….For more information, visit


Cisco introduces Cisco Intersight for UCS and HyperFlex

Cisco introduces Cisco Intersight for UCS and HyperFlexCisco has unveiled Cisco Intersight, a management and automation platform for Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) and Cisco HyperFlex Systems, marking the start of a multi-year strategic program to provide customers with clear IT advantages that support their competitive business goals. Cisco Intersight simplifies data center operations by delivering systems management-as-a-service, alleviating the need to maintain islands of on-premise management infrastructure. Complete system lifecycle management is delivered by Cisco Intersight through machine learning, analytics and automation.

Application architectures are transforming with scale-out and multi-site deployment models, delivered by containers and micro-services. In addition, DevOps accelerates the rate of application development and continuous feature delivery. Cisco Intersight addresses these challenges, helping IT staff optimize operations while enjoying a more intuitive user experience….Read More

Why the market share of OPPO & VIVO goes down

Why the market share of OPPO & VIVO goes downIndia is the battel field of all leading mobile phone brands and India is the second largest smart phone market in the world, only next to China. According to Counterpoint Technology Market Research, India’s smartphone shipments grew 18% last year, far exceeding the global growth rate of 3%.

As per International Data Corporation (IDC) data shows that Samsung’s smartphone won the share of 24% with leading position in India market, Xiaomi ,Oppo and Vivo and Lenovo is following closely. Analysts estimate that Apple’s share of the smartphone market in India is only 3%, but this high-end smartphone manufacturers are increasingly concerned about India, the world’s second largest ….Read More

Smartwatch shipments to reach 20.1 mn units in 2016

smartwatch-shipmentsThe worldwide Smartwatch shipments will reach 20.1 million units in 2016, an increase of 3.9 per cent from the 19.4 million units shipped in 2015 according to a new forecast from the International Data Corporation (IDC).

The Smartwatch shipments market will see a modest growth in 2016 due to late-in-the-year and iterative product releases. IDC categorizes smartwatches as those that can run third party applications. Examples include Apple’s Watch, Samsung’s Gear S3, Motorola’s Moto 360, and Pebble’s Watch. Smartwatches are part of IDC’s larger category of Smart Wearable devices, which also include smart glasses and certain wristbands.

IDC expects total smart wearable volumes to reach 21.5 million units shipped in 2016. By volume, smartwatches account for the largest part of the category, and are expected to reach a total value of $17.8 billion dollars in 2020….Read More

Worldwide augmented and virtual reality revenues to reach $162 bn

idcThe worldwide revenues for the augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) market will grow from $5.2 billion in 2016 to more than $162 billion in 2020 says IDC.

This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 181 percent over the 2015-2020 forecast period.

“For many years augmented and virtual reality were the stuff of science fiction. Now with powerful smartphones powering inexpensive VR headsets, the consumer market is primed for new paid and user generated content-driven experiences. Recent developments in healthcare demonstrated the powerful impact augmented reality headsets can have at the industry level, and over the next five years we expect to see that promise become realized in other fields like education, logistics and manufacturing,” said Chris Chute, vice president, Customer Insights and Analysis, IDCRead More

SAP launches study to mature cloud strategy


SAP SE has started the CloudView survey and business value practice study developed by IDC, which shows how companies may be falling short in their cloud transformation journey. The study identifies key strategic issues and business processes to address the gaps.

Robert Mahowald, Program Vice-President, SaaS and Cloud Services, IDC, said, “Customers have found that they have managed the first phase of moving into the cloud – they have educated themselves and sourced new capabilities necessary to begin the journey. The stumbling blocks are now at the managed and optimized level, with skill sets required that will allow the organization to focus on strategy versus day-to-day operations in faster time to provision new services, in reduced IT costs and perhaps, most importantly, in the ability to make more revenue.”

sap logo e1432887282103 SAP launches study to mature cloud strategyThe IDC study finds that many companies are naïve about how mature their cloud strategy really is. Implementing measures for collaborative business and IT governance, establishing consistent processes to identify which applications can best benefit from cloud and targeted education and training will help close these gaps. The study further finds that a cloud strategy is considered mature, while a consistent enterprise-wide approach to cloud is driving business innovation, and also specifically when the lines of business are involved upfront in the process… See more