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Browsers are trending to be more paranoid or we..???

Browsers are trending to be more paranoid or weIf, for any reason, you need to observe your tracks while you are browsing the web on your desktop, you have plenty of options to keep anonymous. Thanks to Mr. Orbot, Android users, too, have a splution to use the Tor network to anonymise their web browsing sessions and avoid being monitored. Now, thanks to Onion Browser ($0.99), iPhone and iPad users also finally get an easy option to tunnel their web traffic through the Tor network.

Now a days each and every browsers are trending to be equipped with exactly on demand features. There are bookmarks or easy access to search, and after all for advanced feature like remember password, block cookies etc. are driven by cookies (temporary storing data in a Virtual medium), enable user agent spoofing on the same IP and machine. As world wide web trafic is on action, and all these browsing activities should channelise through a secured transport layer, which is called secured socket Layer (SSL) and is a part of dedicated HTTPS mechanism, so that easily we can’t be monitored publicly.

At the same time, the security issues and challenges for Financial and Govt. transactional data including BIG-DATA/FAT-DATA has long been common practice online. More recently, all the browser applications are pushing to encrypt all World Wide Web traffic. Google search, Wikipedia, Facebook,Twitter etc. and are now using HTTPS default but practically migrating from HTTP to HTTPS can be experienced as a major technical and Financial challenge, an imposed concept for security of transformed data …..” A trend of paranoid approach of all major Browsers”….Read More




Apple Developers Earning Increased 30% In 2017

Apple Developers Earning Increased 30% In 2017Apple developers work to explore the possibilities to deliver amazing user experiences by using latest advances in Apple platforms directly, this seems to be a huge business opportunity and who make apps for the iPhone and iPad earned 30 percent more in 2017 than a year earlier, though it was still a slowdown from growth in 2016. The App Store is home to the most innovative apps in the world and in the past 12 months alone, downloads have grown over 70 percent.

Developers who make apps for iOS earned $26.5 billion in 2017, Apple said in a statement Thursday, as users snapped up breakout hits including games like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Monument Valley 2. In 2016, developers earned $20 billion, a 40 percent increase from the year earlier.

Apple said its App Store had a record-breaking holiday season, culminating with $300 million in purchases made on New Year’s Day 2018, up from $240 million in the prior year. Developers typically get 70 percent of that revenue, though the proportion increases to 85 percent after customers have completed a year’s subscription to an app. Consumers spent more than $890 million over the seven days starting on Christmas Eve….Read More



Free Microsoft Office available on iPhone, iPad and Android

microsoft-office-2013-e1422619842836Microsoft has announced that its Word, Excel and Powerpoint will be available for free in Android based tablets.

It also released an app for its popular Outlook email program to run on Apple’s iPhone and iPad, hoping to attract the millions of users familiar with Outlook from their work desktops.

For almost three months Microsoft has been offering the test versions of the Office apps on Android but the announcement marks the availability of finished products from the online Google Play app store.

It is a part of company’s strategy and Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella attempts towrest back the initiative in the battle for mobile users, where Microsoft has fallen behind Apple and Google Inc. Nadella broke with decades of tradition last March by releasing a free, touch-friendly version of Office for Apple’s iPad, before such software was even available for Microsoft’s Windows devices.

See more at: http://www.varindia.com/free-microsoft-office-available-on-iphone-ipad-and-android/

Plantronics and Rashi partners to make hay while the sun shines

Plantronics and Rashi partners to make hay while the sun shines

For the channel partners to participate and enjoy the full benefits of summer,Plantronics and Rashi Peripherals have jointly started a scheme named “Hot Summer Offer”. According to this offer, the partner would have to achieve a predetermined set of points and then win rewards, including Marque 165, Samsung Galaxy Ace, 7-inch Micromax Tablet and Apple iPad Mini 16GB.

Rashi Peripherals will be distributing the products across the country with the support of it 60 branches which will help the partner place their order and bill the products as well as receive their reward in the most efficient way possible.

Navin Mishra, Product Manager, Rashi Peripherals, said, “Plantronics and Rashi plans for this offer for channel partners so that there can be a good sales season and the right partners get these wonderful rewards for their hard work and efficiency. This offer aims to reap benefits for the retailers across the country and in addition offers a great opportunity for the city distributors to achieve an efficient stock management……See More

Targus releases Apple iPad Mini Cases

Targus releases Apple iPad Mini Cases

Targus Inc. has announced that it has cases designed specifically for the new Apple iPad mini. The three new cases offer a combination of style, versatility and protection for Apple’s tablet device. All three devices boast Targus hands-free viewing, superior protection and easy to clean interior and exterior surfaces.

“The iPad mini is a much-anticipated device, and we are excited to continue to meet the market’s demand for fashionable and functional cases that are exclusively made for Apple products,” said Manish Aher, Country Manager – India….See More

Apple iPad Mini Launched at Infibeam

Apple iPad Mini Launched at Infibeam

Connect to the world with the new Apple iPad Mini. It has a 7.9 inch LED Backlit Multi – Touch display screen. View your photos, videos, movies, etc. on its screen as it gives you a resolution of 1024×768 pixels. Its screen is oil and water resistant too.

It is slim as a pencil and is light weighted too. The base of the iPad Mini is iOS6 and it comes along with an A5 chipset. You can connect via Wi-Fi for internet connection and it supports quick download of videos and other files. Apple iPad Mini is also available in two models one that has Wi-Fi connectivity only and the other that has Wi-Fi + Cellular connectivity…..See More

Fritz Holter GmbH deploys QlikView on iPad

QlikTech has announced that Fritz Holter GmbH has deployed QlikView on iPad to improve customer interactions by giving field sales representative’s self-service access and insight into critical customer data, anytime and anywhere. In addition, Holter is also tracking its key corporate performance indicators with QlikView, which include sales statistics, performance measurement, and customer profitability.

Reinhard Reder, Sales Manager, Fritz Holter GmbH said, “QlikView is indispensable for customer data analysis at our company. With QlikView’s Business Discovery platform, future strategic development opportunities can be simplified to facilitate decisions and optimize the control and management of the sales team. Based on the results we’ve already seen, the number of users and the future uses of QlikView will be continuously expanded and developed.”

“A big plus of QlikView is its flexibility. Within a short time, users can use the software independently. It’s the true meaning of ‘self-service BI’ and IT is relieved because they are no longer burdened with a backlog of reports and they don’t need not build and maintain multiple variations of queries and reports,” Reder further added.