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Kaspersky Lab organizes CISO Meet

Kaspersky-Lab-at-CISO-MeetKaspersky Lab has organized a CISO meet in Mumbai. The visiting Kaspersky Lab delegates included Vitaly Kamluk, Director, Global Research & Analysis Team, APAC; Alejandro Arango, Global Director, Corporate Communications, Kaspersky Lab; and Jesmond Chang, Head of Corporate Communications, APAC at Kaspersky Lab. Altaf Halde, Managing Director (South Asia), Kaspersky Lab, India, too was present on the occasion. The meet was graced by over 20 CISOs from corporates belonging to verticals, including BFSI, IT & ITeS, manufacturing, telecom, etc…Read More



Kaspersky Lab Announces Internet Security for Mac

internet-security-for-mac-150x150@2xWith view of the product’s new Private Browsing and Webcam Protection technologies, Kaspersky Lab has unveiled the latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac. Designed to protect privacy and confidential information, users can be assured of their security and even save money when making purchases online.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is a comprehensive security solution for Mac OS X. The product protects not only against malware and network attacks but also from dangerous web pages; the Safe Money feature offers additional protection for online financial transactions, while the Parental Control function provides safe web surfing for children. Designed to meet the characteristics of the Mac OS X platform, the product is easy to use and does not affect device performance…Read more

Connected devices are at risk-Kaspersky Labs

Elena-Kharchenko-Head-of-Consumer-Product-Management-Kaspersky-Lab-300x300A research conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International shows that when it comes to Internet security, consumer’s concern and awareness are both on the increase. However, despite a growing recognition of the need to protect devices, many consumers are struggling to identify, install and use security software.

The study, which questioned 11,819 people from over 27 countries, assessed cybersecurity trends amongst consumers in today’s rapidly-evolving, multi-device, connected world. It found that consumers are using more connected devices than ever before, with the average household now owning 8 connected devices. The research shows that mobile devices have replaced desktops as the main device for going online and tablets are also losing out to smartphones. In fact, 57% now use a smartphone to mainly access the Internet in 2015, an increase from 45% in 2012…Visit VARINDIA for the full post

Kaspersky looking at Enterprise IT Security Market for expansion

Kaspersky looking at Enterprise IT Security Market for expansion 

Security of data is the utmost requirement for any enterprise. Keeping this in mind, Kaspersky Lab has revealed its vision of enterprise security at the company’s annual CyberSecurity Summit in San Francisco, U.S.A.The event focussed on how enterprise IT security realities affected businesses worldwide and featured commentary and panel discussions from influential figures in IT security. At the event, Kaspersky Lab also announced several new security solutions that are now available, as well as planned solutions and business strategies that will guide the company’s growth throughout the year.

Eugene Kaspersky to address INTERPOL General Assembly

Eugene Kaspersky, Chairman & CEO, Kaspersky Lab, said, “These days, cybercrime is no longer about stealing relatively small sums of money from ordinary users. As the IT security landscape evolves rapidly and gets more and more complex, the number of sophisticated cyber-espionage campaigns targeting giant corporations is also sharply raising.”

The key theme discussed at the event included recent and significant changes to the IT security landscape: sophisticated attacks and complex cyber-espionage campaigns targeting corporations are “the new normal”. Another area of focus was how the IT industry also faces a rising tide of advanced threats specifically targeting financial service networks, a segment which requires specialized security…….See More

Kaspersky Lab receives Best Anti-virus software at Star Nite Awards 2013

Kaspersky Lab receives as the Best Anti-virus software- SOHO from Dr. Govind, CEO-NIXI at Star Nite Awards 2013….See More

Kaspersky tightens Cloud Security with a new patent

Kaspersky tightens Cloud Security with a new patent

Kaspersky has obtained a patent for a method of protecting cloud services used by antivirus solution developers to more effectively combat cyber-threats and prevent the illegitimate use of cloud services by cybercriminals.

It is reportedly said that patent No. 8661547 was issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office and describes a technology that safeguards cloud services against false information that might be sent to them.

The newly patented system performs a number of tests before using any information uploaded from a device. The server checks whether the data communication protocol specifications were violated: an unusual sequence of operations or other anomalies while sending data may indicate an attempt by cybercriminals to interfere in the server’s operation. The user-side security application, in turn, analyzes the configuration of the user device. The developer can also use other methods to confirm the legitimacy of any uploaded data…….See More

Kaspersky Lab conducts Customer Pitstop in Nagpur

Kaspersky Lab conducts Customer Pitstop in Nagpur

Kaspersky Lab has been focussing on increasing its presence in the tier-II markets and Nagpur. Trailing this, Kaspersky Lab along with its National Distributor for Enterprise, Sea Infonet and partner Optimistic Technologies (OTSPL) conducted a Customer Pitstop in Nagpur.

According to Altaf Halde, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab – South Asia, We recently signed up Optimistic Technology Solutions as one of our focussed resellers for Enterprise business with the aim to offer a broad range of solutions to our customers and work together to enlarge our reach to newer customers……..See More