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Microsoft announces new migration offerings to help customers

Microsoft announces new migration offerings to help customersCompanies all over the world are looking to move to the cloud to help their business move faster. Azure provides security, reliability, and scale to help them deliver and scale their applications. Keeping in line with this, Microsoft announces new migration offerings as additional solutions to help customers get to the cloud easily and securely for their VMware environment.

Enclosed are the services that will be a part of this offering –

Migrate applications with Azure Migrate – Azure Migrate helps you through the journey of migrating an entire multi-server application

Integrate VMware workloads with Azure services – There are many Azure services that you can use together with VMware workloads without any migration or deployment, enabling you to keep your entire environment secure and well-managed across cloud and on-premises

Host VMware infrastructure with VMware virtualization on Azure – Most workloads can be migrated to Azure easily using the above services; however, there may be specific VMware workloads that are initially more challenging to migrate to the cloud….Read Morehttp://www.varindia.com/news/microsoft-announces-new-migration-offerings-to-help-customers

Microsoft announces success of “$1 billion Public Cloud for Public Good” commitment

Microsoft announces success ofIn a recent announcement, Microsoft Philanthropies has declared that it has donated cloud services to 90,000 nonprofits worldwide globally. The company has also reached its $1 billion Public Cloud for Public Good commitment a year ahead of schedule. In early 2016, Microsoft had committed to donating $1 billion in cloud computing resources, over three years, to help 70,000 nonprofit organizations digitally scale their impact and serve the public good.

Building on this and deepening its commitment to non-profits further, Microsoft has also announced the formation of a Technology for Social Impact group that will work to bring cloud services to a total of 300,000 nonprofits in the next three years. This group brings new offers to create the most comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade software and services, customized to the unique needs of nonprofits. Through these offers, Microsoft aims to empower nonprofits with the new abilities to scale impact, engage more donors, and achieve more for those they serve….Read More

Microsoft announces its “Make-in-India” product – Kaizala

Microsoft announces its “Make-in-India” productMicrosoft India has announced the launch of Microsoft Kaizala, a mobile-only product designed for large group communications and work management. Microsoft Kaizala makes it simple for organizations to seamlessly communicate, collaborate and complete tasks, bringing together desktop users and mobile-only users who may be within or outside their organizations.

Microsoft India has also announced the launch of its enterprise version, Kaizala Pro that allows organizations to have full administrative control of their groups. It comes with additional features that include user and group management, system integration and automation using Microsoft Kaizala APIs, advanced reporting and analytics, ability to publish custom actions, ability to create public groups, and organizational profile and directory….Read More

Ericsson joins hands with Microsoft to accelerate IoT globally

Ericsson joins hands with Microsoft to accelerate IoT globallyEricsson will strengthen the global Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem with Microsoft by enabling enterprises to speed up the time it takes to launch mobile network-based IoT services. Ericsson IoT Accelerator allows enterprises to deploy their IoT solutions using Azure, which connects them directly to the ecosystem of mobile operators using the connectivity management service delivered by the Ericsson Device Connection Platform (DCP) which is part of the Ericsson IoT Accelerator.

Ericsson IoT Accelerator provides a continuous incremental set of functionality offered as a service to enable agile creation and deployment of solutions for IoT.

The connectivity management service of the Ericsson IoT Accelerator allows telecom operators to design, launch and evolve managed IoT connectivity offerings towards enterprises requiring cellular connectivity. It also provides enterprises with full control and automation capabilities to handle the connectivity for their IoT devices. By cooperating with the continuously growing number of other telecom operators connected to Ericsson DCP, telecom operators can address the needs of global enterprises without making one-off investments alone. The platform gives the enterprise a unified service experience for their entire device fleet….Read More

Why Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for a huge amount of $26.2 bn?

microsoft-acquired-linkedinMicrosoft shakes hand with LinkedIn Corp by signing a $26.2 billion acquisition deal. Despite of struggle by both the companies, it is expected to have a newer horizon for Microsoft’s Office suite as well as LinkedIn.
Satya Nadella is optimistic about this deal as this is the biggest acquisition by Microsoft ever. It is nearly three times as large as the Skype acquisition deal five years ago. The acquisition will help Microsoft mark its presence in social media, which is dominated by Facebook …Read More

Infosys and Microsoft to deploy Analytics Solutions for Healthcare

Manish-Tandon-infosys-150x150@2xInfosys and Microsoft Corp. have collaborated to deploy advanced analytics solutions to support healthcare organizations in their digital transformation.

As the healthcare industry is undergoing a paradigm shift largely due to consumerization and increasing costs. In order to process, store and analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured datasets at a lower cost, Infosys has developed healthcare analytics solutions to augment the current processes and make them more efficient using Microsoft Cortana Analytics Suite which can provide benefits to various …Read more Here

HCL Technologies and Microsoft to open IoT Incubation Center

Sukamal-Banerjee-EVP-hcl-technology-300x300Designed to leverage Microsoft Azure IoT Suite to accelerate enterprise IoT adoption, HCL Technologies has launched an Internet of Things (IoT) Incubation Center in Redmond, Washington, USA.

The HCL Incubation Center will build vertical solutions focussed on two key growth areas: Industrial & Manufacturing and Life Sciences & Healthcare, with use-cases around Industrial Automation, Remote Patient Monitoring and Fleet Management, among others. The center will also deploy a new model of innovation leveraging real-time analytics, sensory data and rapid co-creation allowing customers to experience the impact IoT can have on their ability to create sustainable …Show full article