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Fortinet and Microsoft to deliver Cloud Security for enterprise customers

Fortinet and Microsoft to deliver Cloud Security for enterprise customersFortinet has announced an expanded technology alliance with Microsoft through its Fabric Ready Partner Program and new integrations for cloud security services. Microsoft has joined the Fortinet Fabric Ready Partner Program, further integrating Fortinet Security Fabric threat information, intrusion prevention, and management capabilities into Microsoft Azure Security Center (ASC) to better protect cloud workloads. FortiWeb virtualized Web Application Firewalls (WAF) are now available on Azure Security Center for multi-layered application threat protection. FortiGate Enterprise Firewalls are now available on-demand in the Azure Marketplace.

Through the expansion of the Fortinet and Microsoft technology alliance, enterprise customers benefit from integrated cybersecurity that can share intelligence in real time and ensure automated protection across on-premises and cloud workloads. As a Fabric-Ready Partner, Microsoft Azure customers benefit from the broad and automated capabilities of the Fortinet Security Fabric with pre-integrated, end-to-end cloud security offerings, reducing technical support burden and costs for enterprise customers. Fortinet’s virtualized solutions provide Azure customers with real-time threat intelligence feeds and automated security controls to give a more comprehensive view of the security state of their Azure workloads and enable faster, more intelligent responses to threats….Read More


Microsoft to focus on Cloud model, lay off 10% of its staff

Microsoft to focus on Cloud model, lay off 10% of its staffAs a part of it reorganization of its business model to focus on selling cloud computing infrastructure and services under the Azure brand, Microsoft is cutting around ten percent of its global sales force.

In an official statement last week the company said, “Microsoft is implementing changes to better serve our customers and partners. Today, we are taking steps to notify some employees that their jobs are under consideration or that their positions will be eliminated.”

“Like all companies, we evaluate our business on a regular basis. This can result in increased investment in some places and, from time-to-time, re-deployment in others.”Read More

Microsoft announces new migration offerings to help customers

Microsoft announces new migration offerings to help customersCompanies all over the world are looking to move to the cloud to help their business move faster. Azure provides security, reliability, and scale to help them deliver and scale their applications. Keeping in line with this, Microsoft announces new migration offerings as additional solutions to help customers get to the cloud easily and securely for their VMware environment.

Enclosed are the services that will be a part of this offering –

Migrate applications with Azure Migrate – Azure Migrate helps you through the journey of migrating an entire multi-server application

Integrate VMware workloads with Azure services – There are many Azure services that you can use together with VMware workloads without any migration or deployment, enabling you to keep your entire environment secure and well-managed across cloud and on-premises

Host VMware infrastructure with VMware virtualization on Azure – Most workloads can be migrated to Azure easily using the above services; however, there may be specific VMware workloads that are initially more challenging to migrate to the cloud….Read Morehttp://www.varindia.com/news/microsoft-announces-new-migration-offerings-to-help-customers

Microsoft announces success of “$1 billion Public Cloud for Public Good” commitment

Microsoft announces success ofIn a recent announcement, Microsoft Philanthropies has declared that it has donated cloud services to 90,000 nonprofits worldwide globally. The company has also reached its $1 billion Public Cloud for Public Good commitment a year ahead of schedule. In early 2016, Microsoft had committed to donating $1 billion in cloud computing resources, over three years, to help 70,000 nonprofit organizations digitally scale their impact and serve the public good.

Building on this and deepening its commitment to non-profits further, Microsoft has also announced the formation of a Technology for Social Impact group that will work to bring cloud services to a total of 300,000 nonprofits in the next three years. This group brings new offers to create the most comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade software and services, customized to the unique needs of nonprofits. Through these offers, Microsoft aims to empower nonprofits with the new abilities to scale impact, engage more donors, and achieve more for those they serve….Read More

Microsoft Skype’s newest feature will disrupt the industry

Microsoft Skype's newest feature will disrupt the industryTechnology is all about convergence and connectivity, which could enable multiple innovative applications that will change the way we live, communicate and conduct business, creating a connected world in the future and secondly, in the era of smart computing, connected homes, virtual work environments, connected cities then enterprises, with real-time social media integration, a new range of ICT-enabled services such as smart lighting, mobile working solutions, and smart governance could reach a market potential of $731.79 billion by 2020.

The digitization of content including the outbound business operational model has been completely changed, creating a new era of BI framework.(Business Integration Framework..(I will say it is Business Intelligent Framework).This is the out comming model which simulates how media companies think about, the end to end workflow based solution model including Content Preparation/Creation, Production, Marketing, Distribution ,Monetization and most vital consideration for Socialisation of content. As their target audiences find new ways to consume entertainment, whether it’s through tablets, smartphones, connected TVs, PCs, gaming or mixed reality devices i.e Support for multiple inputs including the mouse, TUIO (Tangible User Interface Objects), the keyboard and multi-touch and thus the competition for attention has never been greater.This evolution have disrupted traditional business models and is driving organizations across the industry to identify new ways in which they can quickly and securely produce and deliver the right content, at the right time to any device – all backed by business insights and projections which can be used to drive future decision making. As well the demand of advanced Infrastructure with its availability and connectivity increasing. And thus the modern solution models occupying AI as an ongoing evolution of complete BI model and we are forced to adopt such virtualised and AI integrated platform for the result of ‘One application with single UI for multiple operating systems and devices’….Read More

Microsoft acquiring Cycle Computing will help Azure customers use computing capabilities in cloud

Microsoft acquiring Cycle Computing will help Azure customers use computing capabilities in cloudMicrosoft has announced the acquisition of Cycle Computing, which will help make it easier for Azure customers to use High-Performance Computing (HPC) and other Big Computing capabilities in the cloud and help customers accelerate their movement to the cloud.

Big Computing capabilities in the cloud have the power to transform many businesses and will be at the forefront of breakthrough experimentation and innovation in the decades to come. The cloud is quickly changing the world of Big Compute, giving customers the on-demand power and infrastructure necessary to run massive workloads at scale without the overhead. Azure has a massive global footprint, more than any other major cloud provider. It also has powerful infrastructure, InfiniBand support for fast networking and state-of-the-art GPU capabilities. Combining the most specialized Big Compute infrastructure available in the public cloud with Cycle Computing’s technology and years of experience with the world’s largest supercomputers, has opened many new possibilities…..Read More

With 8th gen Core chips, Intel promises 40% more performance over its predecessors

With 8th gen Core chips, Intel promises 40% more performance over its predecessorsFor its eight generation of its Core chips, Intel is sticking to the Kaby Lake architecture but as far as its performance goes, the internal testing looks quite promising. The company says the chips are capable of a 40-percent increase over their predecessors – and even more notable for those finally ready to upgrade an old system: about double the performance of a five year old device.

The performance boost comes as laptop makers are expected to increasingly push the envelope with their systems. Now that the mobile has been completely out of Intel’s radar thanks to companies like Qualcomm, Intel is clearly looking to maintain its foothold in the laptop market. And while the company invests much of its R&D into forward looking technologies like drones, self-driving cars and automation, it needs to assert itself on its home turf….Read More