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What Microsoft and Google Are Hiding from You about their AI Systems

For passing off Human translation output at a high level conference in Shanghai, a leading Chinese AI company, iFlytek was accused in September 2018. The reson was, iFlytek was using his translations as live subtitles on a screen next to their brand logo, making it seem as though the output was produced by their AI system. The company was also broadcasting the translations live on the Internet using a computer synthesized voice instead of the original human interpreters’ voices. The interpreter took pictures and videos and post it on his social media account, accusing iFlytek of fraud.

Source: What Microsoft and Google Are Hiding from You about their AI Systems

Microsoft Surface Go launches in India

Microsoft officially has launched it’s smallest and most affordable Surface device yet called the Microsoft Surface Go in India. The Surface Go provides the laptop performance and tablet portability for individuals seeking a versatile form factor, Fitting snugly in most bags, and is ideal for everyday tasks that runs on Windows 10.

Source: Microsoft Surface Go launches in India

Google Plans Not to Renew Its Contract for Project Maven

Google Plans Not to Renew Its Contract for Project MavenGoogle will not go for another contract or renew for its controversial experiment providing artificial intelligence to the U.S. Department of Defence for analyzing drone footage after its current contract expires.

Google Cloud CEO Mr.Diane Greene give out the decision at a meeting with employees last Friday morning, three sources told Gizmodo. The current contract expires in 2019 and there will not be a new followed contract, Greene said. The meeting, designated as Weather Report, is a weekly update on Google Cloud’s business.

Google would not trail the Maven today because the reverberations has been horrible for the company, Greene said, adding that the decision was made at a time when Google was more aggressively trailing military work. The company plans to publish new ethical principles about its use of AI next week. A Google spokesperson did not immediately respond to questions about Greene’s comments….Read More


Project-MAVEN – A lethal attack by AI weapons by picking up racial, gender and other biases from society …???

Project-MAVEN - A lethal attack by AI weapons by picking up racial, gender and other biases from societyGoogle Sets Limits for Project MAVEN but Allows to Continue US Defence Work


Google CEO Mr.Sundar Pichai affirmed that the AI is as more as profound to humanity than fire & war. Last Thursday Mr.Pichai offered guidelines for how Google will-and won’t-use the technology. One thing Pichai says Google won’t do: work on AI for weapons. But the guidelines leave much to the discretion of company executives and allow Google to continue to work for the military.

This is a response to more than 4,500 Googlers signing a letter protesting the company’s involvement in a Pentagon project called Maven that uses machine learning to interpret drone surveillance video and imagery. In the letter addressed to CEO Sundar Pichai, Google employees expressed concern that the U.S. military could weaponize AI and apply the technology towards refining drone strikes and other kinds of lethal attacks.“We believe that Google should not be in the business of war,” the letter begins, before going on to explain that Google’s involvement in Project Maven stands to damage its brand and its trust among the public. Researchers have warned AI systems could pick up racial, gender and other biases from society at large depending on the training sets and methods used to teach them to process data…..Read More



Dell Technologies and Microsoft simplify IoT solution delivery for customers

Dell Technologies and Microsoft simplify IoT solution delivery for customersDell Technologies and Microsoft are collaborating to deliver a joint Internet of Things (IoT) solution designed to help vertical customers simplify deploying their end-to-end IoT solutions, from the edge to the cloud. The combination of Microsoft Azure IoT applications and services, VMware Pulse IoT Center and Dell Edge Gateways will offer customers streamlined management, centralized monitoring and security from devices to the cloud.

Together, Dell Technologies and Microsoft will make IoT easier for customers by delivering a secure solution that provides consistent infrastructure management from the edge to the cloud.

The joint solution offers an underlying IoT infrastructure, management capabilities and security for customers looking to deploy IoT for scenarios like predictive maintenance, supply chain visibility and other use cases. The solution will deliver….Read More


Microsoft Advertising expands presence to Tier II cities, appoints Ybrant Digital Limited as Sales House

Microsoft Advertising expands presence to Tier II cities, appoints Ybrant Digital Limited as Sales House 

Microsoft has announced their expansion plans to Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Goa; and appointment of Ybrant Digital Limited as the Sales House for the cities outside Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore. The appointment of Ybrant Digital complements Microsoft Advertising’s existing sales partner – AIDEM Ventures Pvt. Ltd. that will continue to drive sales in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore.


Neville Taraporewalla, Country Director, Advertising & Online – Microsoft India said, “The exponential growth of the internet is enabling digital lifestyles at a pace never seen before and resultantly, we today live in an era of consumption on the go and increasing online conversations. We see an emergence of new growth drivers, and this presents an opportunity for us to enable businesses to engage with their audiences in an effective and interactive manner. Our tie up with Ybrant Digital Ltd. is well positioned to help us in this direction, and we are excited about the opportunities ahead.”


Suresh Reddy, Chairman & CEO, Ybrant Digital Limited, said, “Ybrant is delighted to provide businesses an option to advertise with premium media properties owned by Microsoft. Together with Microsoft we will ensure maximum ROI on the advertising Rupee spent by our advertisers across the region.”

Microsoft signs its first renewable energy deal in India

Microsoft signs its first renewable energy deal in IndiaMicrosoft has announced the completion of its first renewable energy deal within the Karnataka state of India. The agreement will see Microsoft purchase 3 megawatts of solar-powered electricity from Atria Power to help power its new office building in Bangalore. This will meet 80 percent of the projected electricity needs at the new facility. This deal is part of a state government of Karnataka program to encourage investments in local solar energy operations, in line with the larger Indian government goal to ramp up solar power generation to 100 gigawatts by 2022, as part of India’s efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“Investing in local solar energy to help power our new Bangalore office building is good for Microsoft, good for India and good for the environment,” said Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India. “We are proud to be deepening our long history of partnership and investment in India with this agreement. This deal will help us grow sustainably and supports the growth of the Indian solar energy industry, so that the entire country can more easily and reliably access clean electricity.”Read More