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BUFFALO TeraStation Series unleashed in India

BUFFALO TeraStation Series unleashed in India

BUFFALO Inc. has released its TeraStation series in India. Buffalo’s TeraStation Series of Terabyte Network Attached Storage (NAS) is said to offer powerful storage, server and multimedia solutions designed for SMB and SOHO users. It is said to allow users to deploy a simple, cost-effective data or media server to their office or home network in not much time taken, combining advanced fault tolerant data solutions, robust file security and Gigabit Ethernet networking.


TeraStation 5000 Series is supposed to be a high-performance NAS available..more


Hitachi NAS Platform achieves benchmark results

Hitachi NAS Platform achieves benchmark results

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation has announced that Hitachi NAS Platform, powered by BlueArc, has achieved exceptional benchmark results from VDI-IOmark testing based on the delivery of high-performance, scalable and file-based tools essential for managing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments. Hitachi NAS Platform has a superior ability to offload critical VDI functionality and delivers massive scalability and clustering capabilities. This is vital for organizations to drive operational efficiencies that further extend their investments in virtual environments, to reduce operational costs and to improve centralized management of enterprise virtual desktop implementations.


Russ Fellows, Sr. partner, Evaluator Group said, “We are pleased that Hitachi Data Systems is the first to announce their VDI-IOmark performance results. IT users can be confident that VDI-IOmark results provide an accurate and fair method for comparing storage systems that support VDI workloads. With these results, Hitachi Data Systems is demonstrating its leadership position in the VDI market by highlighting not only the high performance of Hitachi NAS Platform for VDI workloads, but also the excellent price/performance levels achieved. The tested configuration demonstrates the ability to support more than 1,500 standard VDI workers with a single, midrange Hitachi NAS controller. Scaling Hitachi NAS Platform up to 8 nodes offers further possibilities for supporting significantly larger and more I/O intensive VDI workloads.”


Ravi Chalaka, VP, Product & Solutions Marketing, Hitachi Data Systems said, “Selecting the right storage architecture is essential to virtualized environments, especially as those environments evolve to include thousands of virtual machines, virtual desktops and business critical applications. Hitachi NAS Platform allows customers to gain cost-effective, scalable capacity and performance benefits through virtualization across server, storage and desktop infrastructures. This enables greater efficiencies across the data center, and allows more effective deployment and management of virtual IT environments.”

Thecus intros N8800PRO Rackmount NAS Server

Thecus technology has launched its latest 2U rackmount NAS device – the N8800PRO. It has claimed to set a new standard in enterprise storage with an outstanding performance, rock-solid stability and complete flexibility.

The N8800PRO is said to be equipped with eight 3.5″ SATA hard disk bays for a maximum of 16TB of storage. The N8800PRO is supposed to feature a multitude of performance enhancements to enable businesses to access their data as quickly as possible. Powering the N8800PRO is an Intel Core 2 Duo processor coupled with a full 4GB of DDR2 800 memory for lightning-quick system response and increased concurrent connections.

Florence Shih, GM, Thecus Technology said, “The N8800PRO is a new level of power and flexibility in enterprise storage. With unbeatable performance and iron-clad reliability, businesses across the globe can deploy the N8800PRO to ensure that corporate data assets can be secured and available at all times.”

QNAP releases New V3.6 Beta NAS Management Software

QNAP releases New V3.6 Beta NAS Management Software

QNAP Systems Inc. has released new V3.6 beta NAS management software for its Turbo NAS series, which is said to provide highly anticipated features such as VPN Server, LDAP Server, and Proxy Server, cloud music and photo sharing with a web browser, enhanced backup features, and more. Firmware V3.6 beta also includes new version of MyCloudNAS 1.2, QPKG center and more compatible IP camera.


Firmware V3.6 beta is believed to provide several new business-class features. The VPN Server is also expected to offer the businesses with a cost-saving way to create a secure and private network. The LDAP Server is said to simplify mass account management and saves business’ IT hardware expenditure. The Proxy Server provided with the ‘Squid’ QPKG is believed to provide the IT administrator a great solution to manage network loading yet maintain network security.

The new V3.6 beta firmware update is available for the following QNAP Turbo NAS many models.

And newly supported IP cameras available are: AXIS: 241S, VIVOTEK: IP8330, PZ7151/ 7152, and Brickcom: CB-100Ae, CB-100Ap, CB-102Ap, FB-100Ae, FB-100Ap, FD-100Ap, FD-130Ap, OB-100Ap, VD-130Ae, VD-100Ap, VD-130Ap, WCB-100AP, WFB-100Ae, WFB-100Ap.

Synology XS Series NAS Servers gets VMware vSphere 5 Certification

Synology has announced that its XS Series NAS servers are certified VMware Ready with full support for vSphere 5.With the newly introduced Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) technology in vSphere 5, Synology XS Series NAS servers offer a perfect solution for on-going load balancing automation, resource aggregation and automated initial placement which improves efficiency and I/O bottlenecks. Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) 5 improves scalability and performance for virtual machines, simplifying virtual machine provisioning and administration.


Storage vMotion for a virtual machine can now be used with snapshot, which greatly increases flexibility.Wayne An, Product Manager, Synology Inc. said, “We are proud to be among the first to deliver data storage solutions optimized for VMware vSphere 5. With guaranteed compatibility between vSphere 5 and XS Series NAS servers, joint customers will benefit from increased simplicity, agility plus efficiency, and be able to get the most from their virtual infrastructure investment.”

Enhance Technology brings Unified NAS Storage Systems

Enhance Technology Inc. has introduced UltraShare NAS NS2080 / NS2120 / NS3160 series Unified NAS storage systems. This new generation of professional grade NAS unified storage solutions claim to bring affordable enterprise class features to SMB & midmarket customers who need the flexibility, performance and scalability of a simple yet robust data delivery architecture to meet their ever changing application and network infrastructure needs. The new UltraShare NS series offers simple management that is ideal for use in distributed enterprise environments, branch or remote offices, file sharing, data streaming, video surveillance, disk based backup and cloud storage applications.


The UltraShare NAS NS Series offers dual mirrored Linux based embedded OS to guarantee system reliability. It is expandable for up to 112x disks and 336TB total raw capacity. It combines file level storage (SMB/CIFS and NFS) with native block level access options (NAS, 10GbE, iSCSI, Fibre Channel) in one single storage platform to lower data center implementation and management cost without compromising configuration options. It is said to take advantage of SAN and NAS storage with one interface to simplify storage management and reduce operating cost


Yudy Vinograd, VP, Sales & Marketing, Enhance Technology said, “Enhance is very excited about extending our ability to help customers more effectively meet their storage requirements. Our UltraShare NS line offers the most flexible, robust and cost effective platform in the market, allowing IT administrators the ability to leverage the best of both NAS & SAN technologies.”