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Plantronics and Rashi partners to make hay while the sun shines

Plantronics and Rashi partners to make hay while the sun shines

For the channel partners to participate and enjoy the full benefits of summer,Plantronics and Rashi Peripherals have jointly started a scheme named “Hot Summer Offer”. According to this offer, the partner would have to achieve a predetermined set of points and then win rewards, including Marque 165, Samsung Galaxy Ace, 7-inch Micromax Tablet and Apple iPad Mini 16GB.

Rashi Peripherals will be distributing the products across the country with the support of it 60 branches which will help the partner place their order and bill the products as well as receive their reward in the most efficient way possible.

Navin Mishra, Product Manager, Rashi Peripherals, said, “Plantronics and Rashi plans for this offer for channel partners so that there can be a good sales season and the right partners get these wonderful rewards for their hard work and efficiency. This offer aims to reap benefits for the retailers across the country and in addition offers a great opportunity for the city distributors to achieve an efficient stock management……See More