Haier joins hands with Oracle and Capgemini

Haier joins hands with Oracle and CapgeminiWith an aim to improve Haier’s overseas service and achieve multi-channel interaction with customers, Haier Group Overseas Customer Service has recently adopted Oracle Service Cloud(NYSE:ORCL) to build a new overseas service managing platform.

As the first home appliance company to start using RightNow in APAC, the first phase of this project went live at the end of 2013 in India. Capgemini China facilitates Haier to improve the customer experience and reputation with a multi-channel consolidation including social network monitor and customer care communication as well as crisis management for emergencies with Capegmini India devoting.

Song Xuewu, Overseas Market Service Director, Haier Group, said, “As the leader in global white home appliance, Haier hopes to establish a real-time interaction platform for its users and resources required, which enables users and resources providers to keep interaction with zero distance.”

Song Yujun,Managing Director, Haier India, said, “After ten years of dedication, innovation and excellence in India, I believe that the journey for Haier has just begun. In a rising market like India, it is very heartening to experience the commendable growth that Haier has achieved over the last decade. With the new range of ‘i-age’ line of products, consumers will experience products that are purely inspired by the Internet age and designed keeping in mind the contemporary and luxurious lifestyle of Indian consumers. The ‘i-age’ products empower individuals by giving them the power to control their surroundings with cutting-edge technology.” He also mentioned that service innovation like SPI project will make important contribution to future stable developing of Haier India.

With Oracle Service Cloud, and by help from the implementation partner Capgemini, Haier Group Overseas Customer Service fully started its SPI (Service Process Innovation). Haier initially only had one communication channel, the telephone, but now has eight, including Wechat, online chatting, E-mail and other social media to provide “Easy and quick service in your hands” zero distance service. Haier’s Call Centre has changed from contact centre, to a user experience exchange centre, which creates more quick and more direct interaction between Haier and its customers.

Oracle to help Indian Banks with New Solutions

Oracle to help Indian Banks with New Solutions

Intending to help banks mitigate risks while complying with the new Reserve Bank of India’s guidelines in the present volatile financial market, Oracle has announced availability of its Financial Crime and Compliance Management (FCCM) solutions in India.

Oracle Financial Services Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud Analytics provides an end-to-end solution that leverages a robust data model and comprehensive dashboard capabilities to deliver a single transparent, holistic view of all financial crime and compliance related activities across the enterprise.

Gaurav Harode, Senior Director, Financial Crime and Compliance Management, Oracle Financial Services, said, “Conventional rudimentary anti-money laundering solutions have put several banks at the brim of facing negative reputational risk. According to a recent announcement by RBI, the number of reported frauds in the Indian banking system over the past decade stands at close-to 1,76,547, and the value is pegged at Rs.31,400 crore.”

The RBI has recently revised the KYC (Know Your Customer) norms in the context of the recommendations made by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards and on Combating Financing of Terrorism (CFT). Compliance with these standards…….See More

Oracle launches Marketplace in cloud

Oracle launches Marketplace in cloud

With the proliferation of cloud, mobile, and social technologies, organizations want easy access to innovative, trusted business applications. To meet this demand from customers and create new opportunities for partners, Oracle(NYSE:ORCL) has introduced the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Featuring more than 100 business applications developed by Oracle partners, the Oracle Cloud Marketplace enables Oracle Cloud customers to easily browse, evaluate, and buy trusted business applications.

“To remain competitive in today’s highly connected business environment, organizations are increasingly adopting innovative cloud applications to support their everyday business operations. Oracle partners can leverage Oracle Cloud Platform Services to quickly build applications, extend and integrate with Oracle Cloud SaaS applications, and give our customers the best and most complete cloud experience,”said Steve Miranda, Executive Vice-President of Applications Development, Oracle.


Leveraging Oracle Cloud Platform Services, Oracle partners can quickly build applications, extend and integrate with Oracle SaaS applications, and publish their applications on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to reach Oracle customers.

…………See More

Oracle surveys Key Areas troubling Firms to adopt Cloud Apps

Oracle surveys Key Areas troubling Firms to adopt Cloud Apps

To determine if the cloud applications are actually impacting the business of organizations and improving their operational efficiency, Oracle surveyed 1,355 senior decision-makers and executives from companies across the globe along with market research firm, Dynamic Markets.  The results of“Cloud for Business Managers: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” report showed that the majority of businesses around the world have not yet adequately integrated their cloud applications across their business functions and also highlighted the need for a broad set of integrated cloud applications to help organizations reduce operational inefficiencies and innovation challenges.

With the increasing usage of mobile gadgets, the usability of business applications on mobile devices is becoming a key concern. 44% Indian executives are disappointed by the nonavailability of cloud apps on mobile phones.

Shailender Kumar, VP, Fusion Middleware, Oracle India, said, “According to our survey, integration and usability come to the forefront as the key issues troubling Indian CIOs when it comes to cloud. Oracle’s Cloud portfolio has been built precisely to address these issues. It offers integrated cloud solutions for the whole enterprise. This is a unique capability which means that our customers can source all of their cloud requirements from one place and deliver integrated processes across all their lines of business with limited downtime and minimal costs……See More

BSNL and Oracle collaborate over Skilled Workforce Development in India

BSNL and Oracle collaborate over Skilled Workforce Development in India

Intending to strengthen BSNL’s summer vocational training programme for engineering students, BSNL has collaborated with Oracle. This is the first time that BSNL has engaged with an external organization such as Oracle and introduced new curriculum content to enable students’ exposure to the latest technology trends relevant in the telecom industry. Only last year, over 100,000 students across India were trained through BSNL programmes.

As part of its industry-oriented academic initiative, BSNL runs programmes related to telecom technologies for engineering students during their summer vacations. These programmes are aimed at providing exposure to relevant telecom technology trends and practices to students as they prepare to enter the workforce in the telecom industry. They give students an overview of working in the telecommunication sector and include field visits to telephone exchanges, mobile towers and systems labs of BSNL. These programmes are coordinated through various training centres of BSNL, operating since decades, which along with other field set-ups have now been opened for capacity building initiatives also.

Neeraj Verma, General Manager – Training, BSNL, said, “We are glad to be working with Oracle in our effort to bring industry-relevant education to engineering students across India. Our engagement with Oracle is an important initiative that will help supplement our efforts in building a skilled workforce for the telecom sector in India.”

Starting June 17, 2013, these workshops, which are being embedded within the structure of BSNL’s course content for the summer vocational programme for engineering students, will include a one-day programme conducted by Oracle on upcoming technology trends. In the first phase, the workshops…..See More

Oracle betting big on Enterprise Computing Market in India

Oracle betting big on Enterprise Computing Market in India

Oracle has announced the India availability of new Oracle SPARC T5 and M5 servers, powered by the new T5 and M5 microprocessors.
With this announcement, Oracle continues its strategic investment in hardware to become the company delivering the IT architecture of the future – hardware and software engineered to work together, to redefine mid-range and high-end computing. In India, Oracle will be targeting telecommunications, government, healthcare and financial services industry verticals for these new servers.

“Businesses are demanding extreme performance servers that are also cost-effective – and Oracle’s new generation of SPARC T5 and M5 servers are exactly that. The new range provides unmatched performance for midrange and high-end enterprise computing compared to any other offering in the market today,” said Sandeep Mathur, Managing Director, Oracle India.

The new Oracle SPARC T5 and M5 servers join Oracle’s existing entry-level SPARC T4 servers……See More

CloudWorld 2013: Oracle reveals its Cloud Strategy for India

CloudWorld 2013: Oracle reveals its Cloud Strategy for India

Oracle(NASDAQ:ORCL) has hosted its first CloudWorld global event series in India, where senior Oracle executives, customers and partners discussed how they are driving business transformation using the Oracle Cloud. It also highlighted how organizations can best leverage social media to monitor, engage, and market to their customers.

With nearly 50 sessions, more than 30 speakers and participation of over 1,000 senior decision- makers and influencers from varied business functions as well as applications & IT professionals, developers, academia and partners (System Integrators and Independent Software Vendors), the event focussed on helping them grow their cloud business in India with Oracle.

At CloudWorld, Oracle announced that more and more customers are embracing Oracle Cloud solutions in India primarily because Oracle offers a wide range of cloud solutions and a wider range of consumption choices, all of which are fully open, modular, and integrated.

“Oracle’s long history of technology innovation along with seven years of relentless engineering and key strategic acquisitions has enabled us to launch the most comprehensive cloud offerings in the world. The India marketplace is absolutely ready for large-scale cloud adoption and we look forward to supporting our customers in their business transformation journeys,” said Sandeep Mathur, Managing Director, Oracle India.

For Indian companies, Oracle Cloud solutions serve multiple business functions including customer experience management, sales and marketing and also critical functions like human capital management…..See More

Oracle Academy and SGI join hands

Oracle Academy and SGI join hands

Sharda Group of Institutions (SGI) will integrate the Oracle Academy Introduction to Computer Science curriculum into SGI’s flagship institutions, Sharda University, and Hindustan College of Science and Technology, located in Greater Noida and Mathura, respectively, to help inspire the next-generation of technology professionals. This effort will allow SGI to build a strong foundation of technology programs to help prepare 4,000 students for successful  IT careers, and help meet growing demand for a highly skilled technology workforce.

The Oracle Academy’s Introduction to Computer Science curriculum includes Database Design and Programming courses and a Java-specific curriculum consisting of four courses (Getting Started with Java Using Alice, Creating Java Programs with Greenfoot, Java Fundamentals, and Java Programming) that are aligned to Oracle certification. The Getting Started with Java Using Alice curriculum engages students with little or no programming experience to learn basic Java programming concepts using Carnegie Mellon University’s Alice software environment.

The programme will be launched in April 2013. To support this effort, 41 teachers will participate in the Oracle Academy’s Instructors Institute, a rigorous professional development programme that prepares faculty to teach the Oracle Academy’s IT and business curriculum.

“We take pride in our ability to provide academic programmes that promote innovation, technology skills development, and academic research. Working with the Oracle Academy will support us in this endeavour,” said P. K. Gupta, Chancellor, Sharda University and Chairman, Sharda Group…..See More

Wipro Technologies Announces ‘Wipro SprintInstall’

Wipro Technologies Announces 'Wipro SprintInstall'

Wipro Technologies has announced the launch of ‘Wipro SprintInstall’, a reliable and low risk implementation of Oracle Fusion Applications, in a fixed timeframe, either on-premise or in the cloud (including database, application software and Oracle Fusion Middleware), delivering a ready-to-configure Oracle Fusion Applications environment for customers.

‘Wipro SprintInstall’ provides customers the flexibility to choose from various deployment options like on-premise and cloud environments, Amazon Web Services (AWS), customers’ private cloud and also between an Oracle VM-based Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder image and a bare metal installation. This service leverages the expert knowledge of Wipro’s Oracle trained consultants who have experience in installing and managing Oracle Fusion Application environments for customers as well as Wipro’s own Oracle Fusion Application instances….See More

Oracle India collaborates with Startup Village

Oracle India collaborates with Startup Village

Oracle India and Startup Village have signed a MoU to integrate the Oracle Academy’s Advanced Computer Science curriculum into Startup Village’s engineering program. This collaboration will help Startup Village to build a strong foundation for product start-ups in the country. It will prepare over 30,000 students and 200 teachers from 100 engineering colleges in Kerala for successful IT careers.

Startup Village students and faculty will have access to Java Fundamentals and Programming classes, to help students gain hands-on experience with Java. The Oracle Academy helps 1.9 million students in 97 countries, including 150,099 students from 441 educational institutions across India, gain industry-relevant skills prior to entering the workforce….See More