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New Server and Workstation Motherboards from GIGABYTE

New Server and Workstation Motherboards from GIGABYTE

GIGABYTE has announced two new models of workstation motherboards and one new model dedicated to mission-critical server applications. All of them being based on the Intel Xeon processors E5-2600 product family, these new models are designed to answer demanding needs for computing resources across various usage models, form factors and scales.

While these products have been naturally thought for scenarios requiring heavy computing power through GPUs or GPGPU / co-processors cards, from CAD/CAE to rendering, simulation and modelling, their most notable advantage relies in their unique memory performance capability:

Achieved through GIGABYTE’s capabilities in design, PCB layout and BIOS fine-tuning, this feature will be most appreciated in the many workstation applications where improvements in memory frequency result in speeding up the user’s productivity and in all the industries relying on server applications where each incremental improvement in memory performance results in significant benefits, such as in finance.

Also, these three models are built with GIGABYTE’s digital PWM controllers, guaranteeing a dynamic power supply to the processor(s) and memory with an ultra-fast response time. Built with advanced calibration tools, they offer the purest and most efficient electrical supply to date. When the CPU workload varies in function of the applications running, the Intel Turbo Boost Technology will do a dynamic overclock of the CPU cores, where the digital PWMs outshine the previous analog solutions. This way, the CPU operations are much more stable, and the overall reliability of the system is greatly improved.

Thanks to the unique memory capability described above, the GA-7PESH3 can receive…..See More

AMD Plans 64-bit ARM-Based processors for Servers

AMD Plans 64-bit ARM-Based processors for Servers

AMD will design 64-bit ARM technology-based processors in addition to its x86 processors for multiple markets, starting with cloud and data center servers.

AMD’s first ARM technology-based processor will be a highly-integrated, 64-bit multicore System-on-a-Chip (SoC) optimized for the dense, energy-efficient servers that now dominate the largest data centers and power the modern computing experience.

The first ARM technology-based AMD Opteron processor is targeted for production in 2014 and will integrate the AMD SeaMicro Freedom supercompute fabric, the industry’s premier high-performance fabric…See More

Smart Voice Processors from STMicroelectronics introduced

Smart Voice Processors from STMicroelectronics introduced

STMicroelectronics has introduced a digital audio processor for multi-microphone applications. ST’s new Smart Voice product family claims to combine superior processing performance with unparalleled scalability and programmability to bring dramatic sound-quality improvements to mobile phones, tablets, gaming devices and video security systems.

The Smart Voice audio processors is supposed to unleash the powerful capabilities of digital MEMS microphones in multi-microphone arrays, especially for ST’s MEMS microphones, enabling features like acoustic echo cancellation, noise suppression, or beam-forming, which are invaluable with the increasing use of cell phones and other consumer devices in noisy and uncontrollable environments. Multi-microphone systems are also expected to address next-generation audio applications, such as 3D sound processing, sound-source localization, virtual microphones, and audio zooming. A technology breakthrough, ST’s newest digital audio processor is said to be based on an optimized hard-wired acoustic processing engine that offloads intensive computing tasks from the main application processor. It is believed to handle up to 6 digital microphone inputs with dynamic array re-configuration and dedicated channel processing. The device also claims to integrate a high-quality scalable acoustic processing core with a tunable 10-band equalizer, a peak limiter, and gain and volume controls.

Calibre UK appoints Simulation Displays as Channel Partner for HQView processors

Calibre UK appoints Simulation Displays as Channel Partner for HQView processors

Calibre UK has announced that it has added Simulation Displays, a Division of Paradigm AV, as its channel partner for Europe.


Simulation Displays is said to supply Calibre UK products to integrators and solution providers in the simulation, education and training industry.


Greg Jeffreys, MD, Bedford, UK-based Simulation Displays, a Division of Paradigm AV said, “We’ve brought in Calibre UK as our image scaling, warping and blending technology offering. Their technology is highly regarded for its accurate, powerful and reliable performance creating a perfect product partnering to complement our offering of screens and projection based equipment that meets the requirements for collaborative working, virtual reality, simulation, academic establishments and specialist resellers.”


Tim Brooksbank, Chairman, Calibre UK said, “The appointment of Simulation Displays will ensure that we are successful in this business sector.”

New AMD Opteron Processors launched

AMD has announced the launch and availability of its AMD Opteron 6200 and 4200 Series processors (formerly code-named “Interlagos” and “Valencia”). The new AMD Opteron processors are designed to give enterprises- Better performance for business with up to 84 percent higher performance; Increased scalability for Virtualization with up to 73 percent more memory bandwidth, enabling servers to host more virtual machines and also handle increasing workloads; and More efficient economics for the Cloud with half the power per core, requiring 2/3 less floor space and up to 2/3 lower platform price.

Paul Struhsaker, Corporate VP & GM, Commercial Business, AMD said, “Our industry is at a new juncture; virtualization has provided a new level of reliable consolidation and businesses are now looking to the cloud for even more agility and efficiency. We designed the new AMD Opteron processor for this precise moment. The wait for the most anticipated new product and architecture for servers is over. Leading OEMsare now offeringcloud, enterprise and HPC customersa full suite of solutions based on the industry’s most comprehensive server processor portfolio, the new AMD Opteron familyof processors which deliver an inspired balance of performance, scalability and efficiency.”