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Isaac Julien uses projectiondesign

Isaac Julien uses projectiondesign

projectiondesign has supplied nine of its F32 DLP projectors to British artist Isaac Julien for his latest art installation ‘Ten Thousand Waves’. Having been shown successfully in several cities across the world, ‘Ten Thousand Waves’ has landed most recently at the Norwegian Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo.

Julien said, “When you are putting on a piece of work like this, you rely on a fantastic image. You need a certain colour depth, you need colour saturation and you need depth of field. Contrast ratio is also very important. projectiondesign projectors give us all this and more besides.”

The AV system for ‘Ten Thousand Waves’ was designed by ArtAV Nick Joyce, the company’s owner.

He said, “All nine of the F32s are running at 1080p resolution. The unique thing about this system is that we output uncompressed, high-definition video. We started with 35mm film as a source, and then went through a digital intermediate copy that remained completely uncompressed. So the image quality is highly accurate and true to the imagery that Isaac has shot and edited.”