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QlikView grant empowers Humanitarian Organizations

QlikView grant empowers Humanitarian Organizations

QlikTech has announced that its global corporate social responsibility programme, Change Their World, has awarded 50 grants in 18 countries on 6 continents since launching in February 2010.  Nonprofit organizations can apply for a QlikView Change Their World grant to receive free QlikView licences, deployment and training to help them to gain visibility into data sources that can accelerate outcomes, connect donors with recipients, and make their good work better.  Change Their World’s growth proves that QlikView is opening up infinite possibilities for advancing causes for the greater good.


Lars Björk, CEO, QlikTech, said, “We are thrilled with the momentum of our Change Their World grant programme. In tandem with an overwhelming response from QlikTech partners and employees, we have created a powerful community of giving that is empowering organizations at the forefront of charitable causes with an effective solution that allows them to focus on and carry out their good work.”