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QlikView Business Discovery Platform deployed

QlikTech has announced that Peugeot Netherlands has deployed the QlikView Business Discovery platform to gain real-time customer insight and to proactively inform customers and partners about the status of service-level agreements and orders.  This rapid access to information has led to improved services and up-to-date information, creating a time gain on reports of at least two to four days a month.


Mike Wesselink, Head, Fleet Sales at Peugeot Netherlands said, “The reason for us to start talking with OneLine Zuid about QlikView was the optimization of our services to customers. Obviously we want to spend our time on our customers, not on reports. However, the use of spreadsheets, separate data sources, and cobbled-together system links hindered us often when informing our external relations and with the compilation of internal reports. The result was a lot of time loss. With QlikView, we improved the quality of our information and now we can further optimize our service.”


Mikel Snijders, Director, OneLine Zuid said, “We have noticed the increasing problems of spreadsheet limitations. The trick is to make all relevant data easily available and accessible to users, so they can make the right connections and quick decisions. The solution we offered Peugeot is an excellent example. It shows how our industry knowledge and technical expertise added value to Peugeot’s data.”


QlikView grant empowers Humanitarian Organizations

QlikView grant empowers Humanitarian Organizations

QlikTech has announced that its global corporate social responsibility programme, Change Their World, has awarded 50 grants in 18 countries on 6 continents since launching in February 2010.  Nonprofit organizations can apply for a QlikView Change Their World grant to receive free QlikView licences, deployment and training to help them to gain visibility into data sources that can accelerate outcomes, connect donors with recipients, and make their good work better.  Change Their World’s growth proves that QlikView is opening up infinite possibilities for advancing causes for the greater good.


Lars Björk, CEO, QlikTech, said, “We are thrilled with the momentum of our Change Their World grant programme. In tandem with an overwhelming response from QlikTech partners and employees, we have created a powerful community of giving that is empowering organizations at the forefront of charitable causes with an effective solution that allows them to focus on and carry out their good work.”

QlikView replaces Excel

QlikView replaces Excel

QlikTech has announced that its QlikView Business Discovery platform is helping organizations around the globe to overcome the limitations of spreadsheets.

As a result of the limitations of traditional BI tools, many business users have adopted spreadsheets due to their wide availability. However, these general productivity tools were not specifically designed to facilitate interactivity, collaboration, aggregation, or analysis of data for decision making.

“One of the reasons spreadsheets have remained popular is their ease of use and flexibility, allowing users to create their own analysis without waiting for IT. QlikView delivers not only the agility business users require, but also the security, manageability, and consistency lacking in desktop spreadsheets. QlikView is an achievable step-up to user-driven BI, especially for small and midsize companies which are outgrowing the time and productivity drains of consolidating multiple versions of spreadsheets,” said Jeff Boehm, Vice-President, Global Product Marketing, Qliktech.

Illes improves Customer Service Using QlikView On iPad

QlikTech has announced that Illes Seasonings & Flavors has deployed QlikView on iPad to improve customer interactions by giving field sales representatives’ access and insight into critical customer data, anytime and anywhere.  Using QlikView on iPad, Illes, a Texas-based manufacturer of spice blends, flavors, and sauces for restaurants and food companies, can give its customers complete and instant visibility into their product data and transactions, all with the mobility and ease-of-use of the iPad.


“We strive to provide our customers with highly customized solutions. To meet that goal, it’s essential for our sales reps to be able to access real-time product data and supply chain updates from the field when they meet with customers.  Having the powerful user-driven business intelligence of QlikView on the iPad allows us to greatly improve our customers’ experiences and overall satisfaction.  Based on the great results we’ve already seen, we’re in the process of deploying QlikView to our purchasing and supply chain processes,” said Les Howell, Executive Director of IT, Illes Seasonings and Flavors.

To improve its customers’ experiences, Illes rolled out the QlikView on iPad Business Discovery platform to its sales representatives with the help of Axis Group delivering the QlikView Business Discovery solution on premise, in the cloud and on demand. Axis Group worked with Illes to quickly develop a sales reporting tool which gave sales reps the visibility they needed to show customers real-time information about products and availability.


“We are thrilled to offer our customers QlikView on the iPad technology. With QlikView on iPad, companies like Illes have the ability to react quickly and efficiently to data and unlike any other offering, users can interact and analyze that data to help customers make informed business decisions in the field,” said Randy Gonzalez, Director, Axis Group, LLC.


“QlikView on iPad’s ease of navigation and compelling touch interactivity give business users new levels of insight whenever and wherever they want. Users can explore information any way they choose, helping sales teams like Illes’ transform the way they collaborate and interact with customers,” said Jeff Boehm, VP, Global Product Marketing, QlikTech.