SMART Technologies announces new Global Research

SMART Technologies announces new Global Research

SMART Technologies Inc. has announced new global research demonstrating a correlation between optimized use of collaboration technologies and better business outcomes. Filigree Consulting conducted a study asking business users about technology adoption in their workspaces and the value that these solutions provided. The research concluded that 71 per cent of businesses are not effective at using collaboration to drive business value throughout their organizations.

The research results have been published in a white paper entitled “Visual Collaboration Solutions Best Practices: Global Report and Recommendations”. The primary conclusion identified that achieving the highest value from collaboration requires a strategy that deploys integrated solutions, supporting services and best practices. For those organizations at the highest levels of maturity, 90 per cent reported value from collaboration solutions exceeding what was achieved from other technology investments…See More


Smart Managed Switches launched

ZyXEL Communications has launched a brand-new Smart Managed Switch series – the XGS1910/GS1910. Powered by the industry’s most comprehensive L2 features: high-speed GbE to desktop, 10GbE uplink, PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology and IPv6 compatibility, the premium ZyXEL managed switching solution delivers outstanding performance and efficiency in network traffic management, QoS (Quality of Service), security management and power management at a competitive price-performance ratio. As bandwidth-intensive IP-enabled applications and devices continue to evolve along with cloud services, mobile connectivity and the new Internet Protocol, businesses need smart networks with dynamic mechanism and manageability to sustain future growth.


The new Smart Managed Switch XGS1910/GS1910 Series is IPv6-ready to prepare businesses for migration to the new Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). Businesses are not only secured by the uninterrupted, end-to-end connectivity, but also strengthened for more peer-to-peer (P2P) applications integrated into the IPv6 infrastructure.

Dassault Systemes strengthens its automotive segment

Dassault Systemes strengthens its automotive segment


Dassault Systemes  has recently launched a new industry solution experience for the automotive segment, “Smart, Safe & Connected Car” – a solution that accelerates the development of embedded systems while achieving ISO:26262 safety standards and AUTOSAR compliancy.

Dassault Systemes’ “Smart, Safe & Connected Car” industry solution experience is comprised of multiple applications implemented in a modular approach and focussed on early virtual vehicle validation.

Monica Menghini, Executive Vice-President, Industry and Marketing, Dassault Systemes, said, “Our customers want to develop the smartest and safest vehicles possible so that their consumers can fully enjoy their driving experience. With this solution, we are directly addressing the challenge of managing increasing vehicle complexity by enriching our Vehicle Systems Solution Experience. Our 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables the integration of mechanical, electronic, and software systems to simulate and validate the digital vehicle. This solution will help our customers move from vehicle attribute to vehicle experience, leading to shortened time to market and increased product quality of complex embedded systems.”

MediaTek to bring Twitter to “Smart-Feature Phones”

MediaTek and Twitter have recently announced a global strategic partnership that will see Twitter integrated into MediaTek’s mobile platform solutions. With this partnership, MediaTek will preload the Twitter application in its MRE middleware as the default feature in its reference design for mobile handsets.

“Our new partnership with Twitter further reinforces MediaTek’s focus on providing differentiated services and value for handset brands, giving them the means to offer affordable, compelling and differentiated mobile solutions to consumers in the key emerging markets,” said Cheng-Te Chuang, Corporate Vice-President, MediaTek.

Jana Messerschmidt, Vice-President, Business Development, Twitter, said, “The mobile Internet presents a great opportunity for Twitter to reach every person on the planet. Our partnership with MediaTek will help people in the emerging markets enjoy the same rich Twitter experience on their mobile devices as more than 140 million others around the world.”

SMART expands its Display line

SMART has announced the upcoming release of the SMART Board 8055i interactive flat panel for education. The SMART Board 8055i combines a 55″ (139.7cm) LCD display with multitouch capability along with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software and access to the SMART Exchange website.


Linda Thomas, VP, Products, SMART Technologies, said, “The introduction of this interactive flat panel expands our display line, offering educators flexibility and choice as they plan their teaching, learning and student collaboration spaces. We will continue to develop and expand our line of displays, including our interactive projectors, in order to offer even more choice to our customers and strengthen our position as a leading provider of collaborative learning solutions.”

Professional Development Program rolled out

SMART Technologies (SMT) has launched the Chennai chapter of its SMART Professional Development Program for Teachers. The program unveiled by Sanjiv Pande, MD- India & South Asia, SMART Technologies is focused at addressing the need for training teachers in the use of interactive educational technology tools.


Under the SMART Professional Development Program for Teachers, SMART Technologies’ team of Education Consultants will conduct a series of workshops across 15 major cities in India in order to prepare teachers in the use of technology tools including the SMART Notebook collaborative learning software.


Sanjiv Pande, MD- India & South Asia, SMART Technologies said, “Well trained teachers are integral for an effective education system and it is critical to equip them with 21st century educational tools as well as offer professional development to optimize the use of such products. Taking a significant step towards addressing the need for training teachers in the use of digital tools, SMART has introduced this training series for the instructors to impart them with skills to ensure their success in using SMART products and enabling them to make subject lessons more engaging for students.”

SMART – Microsoft Lync to enhance collaboration

SMART - Microsoft Lync to enhance collaboration

SMART Technologies has announced its support for Microsoft Lync 2010 through its SMART Meeting Pro software and SMART Board interactive whiteboards and displays. SMART’s visual collaboration solutions include interactive whiteboards and displays, intuitive collaboration software, services and remote collaboration tools and can be combined with a variety of industry-specific applications. The combination of SMART’s visual collaboration solutions and Microsoft Lync 2010 will transform any meeting into an active, collaborative work session.


“SMART recognizes that unified communication products along with SMART’s visual collaboration solutions are key to meeting the needs of many business customers. SMART products combined with Microsoft Lync 2010 will allow for real-time data sharing and visual collaboration in any meeting location,” said Linda Thomas, Vice-President, Products, SMART Technologies.