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Google Plus in a new get-up

Google Plus in a new get-up

Google Plus has got a makeover. The new design is said to be easier to navigate than its predecessor.


Google has made its social network site on the Web cleaner and smoother, with soft gray tones that flow into a central stream of updates from users. It presents a neat stack of icons that sit off to the left of the screen. The input box to share updates, links or photos is also much smaller. Photos have become a focus of the new Google Plus design. Google has also hidden icons on the page to avoid cluttering up the site.


Trend Micro finds 56% Indian kids on social Networking websites

Trend Micro Incorporated has released the findings of its Global Consumer Technology Use and Security Study. The survey asked parents on how their kids access the Internet and the steps they take to protect and educate them about staying safe online. Overall, the survey revealed that even though parents around the world are concerned about technology’s impact on their children, they welcome what this new paradigm can offer, allowing their kids the privileges of owning smartphones and using social networks at early ages. Understanding the risks, parents surveyed say they are taking an active role in providing guidance and oversight of their children’s technology and Internet use.


56 Percent of Indian Kids surveyed have a presence on any of the Social Networking Websites.The majority (73 percent) of parents whose children have an account with social networking sites indicated their children’s online privacy on social networking sites is important whereas 47 per cent of the Indian Parents are monitoring their Child’s activity Online every week. More than half of the parents whose children use social networking are worried about their children’s privacy on these sites ‘frequently’ or ‘all the time’.

“This study is encouraging as it shows the level of engagement by parents around the world in their kids’ use of technology.  Consistent parental involvement is the first step toward responsible, tech-savvy kids.  The next step is to make sure parents are getting the right facts and resources so they can, in turn, guide their kids” commented Amit Nath Country Manager India and SAARC Trend Micro.

Nearly half of parents surveyed say their kids have accounts with social networking sites (SNS) that require a minimum age of 13 but the average age of their kids who use these sites is 12. Kids are joining Social Networking Sites at an average age of 14.